'Bling Empire: New York': release date, cast and everything else you need to know

We're East Coast bound! Here's how to watch 'Bling Empire: New York' and all of Dorothy Wang's adventures

Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Vika, Blake Abbie, Dorothy Wang, Lynn Ban from Bling Empire: New York
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Buckle up: Bling Empire: New York is about to touch down on the East Coast, and things are going to get bumpy. 

Dorothy Wang will head the Bling Empire spinoff, so naturally, we're in for a healthy dose of drama. Make a few vacancies in your screen time so that you can follow along with the new journey. 

Here's everything you need to know about the new series, including when it will air and who is involved. 

How to watch 'Bling Empire: New York'

How to watch 'Bling Empire: New York' in the US and the UK

The show will stream on Netflix for those in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

How to watch 'Bling Empire: New York' from anywhere in the world

Although the Netflix premiere is January 20 for most countries, some might not be able to access the show as easily. That's when to consider a VPN, which allows you to change your IP address so you can browse anonymously and change your IP address so that your mobile, computer or laptop thinks it's in another location. We recommend Express VPN, the top-rated service by our colleagues at TechRadar.

When does 'Bling Empire: New York' premiere?

Bling Empire: New York will hit Netflix on Friday, January 20, so consider your weekend plans booked!

What is 'Bling Empire: New York' about?

From catwalks to private jets, Bling Empire: New York will feature all the glitz and glam we've become accustomed to in California...but across the country. Expect a familiar face and new acquaintances to hit your screen.

Things will be intense for the group and all those who will be tuning in. Per Netflix: "Meet a fresh group of wealthy, sophisticated and hilarious Asian-Americans from New York City, where the quality of real estate is measured by address, not acreage. Conversations are direct, not coded. And competition—for love, for money, and for power—is fierce."

We'll zoom in on Dorothy Wang as she searches for love and tries to figure out who she can count on in the new place she calls home. But as you might've guessed, a cross-country move isn't so simple, even when big bucks are involved.

"My move to New York is actually a lot harder on me than I thought," she said in confessional. "I typically can handle a lot and I'm kind of like a one-woman show. I can usually do a lot."

She revealed to Town & Country that the lifestyle in New York is much different than in Beverly Hills. Plus, she admits it makes for exciting TV, so we're particularly excited.

"We definitely go out more. It's not so much hosting lunches or dinners at our homes with gift bags but more heading out on the scene, going to events, parties and fashion shows. It's a much faster-paced show," she told the publication. 

But what about the friend group we're soon going to meet? While back on the West Coast, Wang revealed to E News! that the Bling Empire cast was a bit tougher to mingle with than the cast of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: "I think with this [Bling Empire] group, everything's a little bit more behind the scenes, like, calculated and maneuvered and thought out."

We wonder what she'll have to say about her New York peers!

Watch the 'Bling Empire: New York' trailer:

Who is in the 'Bling Empire: New York' cast?

Here's who you'll be seeing in the Big Apple:

  • Dorothy Wang
  • Tina Leung
  • Blake Abbie
  • Lynn Ban
  • Stephen Hung
  • Deborah Hung
  • Richard Chang

Although Kevin Kreider has also ventured to New York City, it appears we won't be seeing him...yet. Should anything change, we'll of course let you know!

Be sure to catch up with our favorite shows like Bling Empire once your New York adventures have come to a close! Plus, get the scoop on Bling Empire season 4.

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