Who is Brianna Ramirez on 'Dubai Bling'? Get to know the reality star

She's married to one of the best-known 'Dubai Bling' cast members, but who is Brianna Ramirez?

Brianna Ramirez and Kris Fade in Dubai Bling Season 1 - Behind the Scene Photos

The Dubai Bling cast is full of characters, but one has become a fast fan favorite: Brianna Ramirez.

The new Netflix reality show, which premiered on Thursday, October 27, is a Bling Empire-esque chronicle of the wild and wealthy residents of the United Arab Emirates, including real estate queen Zeina Khoury, multimillionaire rose CEO Ebraheem al Samadi and billionaire widow Loujain Adada (and yes we know you're curious about that Dubai Bling cast net worth.)

But who is Brianna Ramirez from Dubai Bling, who is she married to and what else do we know about her? Let's dive in. 

Who is Brianna Ramirez from 'Dubai Bling'?

A self-proclaimed "LA girl in Dubai," Brianna Ramirez is a Mexican-American brand manager and the now-wife of Australian radio presenter and entrepreneur Kris Fade, who also appears on Dubai Bling.  She relocated to the UAE from the US and has been living in Dubai for the past eight years. 

Kris Fade wife: when did they get married?

In the first episode of Dubai Bling, Brianna Ramirez and Kris Fade reveal that they first connected over social media in 2015. The story goes that Kris invited Brianna to a Lady Gaga concert—but didn't tell her that he was actually hosting the show from the stage!

The couple became engaged in 2019 after four years together at the Middle East premiere of Aladdin. Their lavish black-tie wedding at Dubai's The Ritz-Carlton on March 22, 2022, which was attended by their Dubai Bling castmates, featured in the finale episode of the show's first season. 

"My wife. It wasn't easy at the age of 26 joining a man who already had 2 kids (amazing ones)," Kris posted about his new wife, referring to his two children—12-year-old Zahra and 10-year-old Ariani—from a previous marriage. "You weren't looking for a man, let alone a family, but you inherited one, somewhat. I'm grateful for your dedication, patience and most importantly, understanding...Thank you my wife @briannafade ❤️❤️"

Brianna Fade age: how old is she?

Based on Kris Fade's post suggesting Brianna was 26 when they got together in 2015, we can presume that she is now about 33 years old. There is an age difference between the spouses, with Kris aged 42 years. 

Brianna Ramirez Instagram: what's her handle?

Now going by her married name Brianna Fade, you can find the reality star on Instagram at the handle @briannafade, where she currently boasts more than 61,000 followers. 

Does Brianna Ramirez work for Fade Fit?

Yes, Brianna Fade is the brand manager of Fade Fit—a health-based lifestyle company offering protein snacks, vitamin gummies, smoothies, and more—which hubby Kris Fade founded in 2018. 

"When I went shopping with my daughters, the snacks were really expensive and the healthiest ones were imported from overseas and didn’t taste good," Kris told The National about starting Fade Fit. "I saw this as a gap in the market for a healthier option for kids. Within four months we had a product on the shelves and I find it mind-blowing to see it out there. It’s really blown up into a multimillion-dollar business here in the UAE."

Kris Fade ex wife: who was he married to before?

Kris Fade was previously married to Marianne Argy, with whom he shares his two daughters. The former spouses have co-parented the children together since their divorce in 2018. Argy has also since remarried. 

"It's never easy, but you know, I fell in love with him," Brianna said in the first episode of Dubai Bling. "At first I was Auntie Brianna because they were a little young, and now I'm just, you know, 'B,'" she adds of her relationship with the girls. 

"The girls have a mother, so I never wanted Brianna to be that role," Kris said in the premiere. "But I wanted her to be like an older sister, a best friend, like an auntie even."

It looks like the extended family has successfully figured out what works for them, with Marianne posting a pic of her spending the holidays with her ex-husband and his then-fiancé: "Thank you to my kids dad @krisfade and his lovely fiancé @being.brianna for the warm invite with @vlada_polefitdubai before Christmas to unwrap presents and also surprise the babies on a dream vacation to the Maldives! 😍" 

Catch Brianna Ramirez in Dubai Bling season one, now streaming on Netflix.

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