Chiron retrograde is on its way, and astrologers want you to face any trauma head-on

Chiron retrograde is 'all about accepting, healing, and releasing trauma so we can rise above it'

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The world "retrograde" always sends us into a tailspin, and Chiron retrograde is no exception. A mere few days away, the celestial happening is famous for its traumatic effects. (Guess Mercury in retrograde isn't the only dramatic retrograde in the solar system!) 

Fortunately, the experts say that embracing the "wounded healer" is the best way to beat the headaches that comes with it. Here's what to expect—and why it isn't a cause for panic, even if it might feel that way.

When is Chiron retrograde?

This baby isn't afraid to overstay its welcome: Chiron retrograde is from July 15th to December 19th, but that doesn't mean we're doomed for the next sixth months. 

"It’s important to note that this is an influence that will not be activated during this entire time," says author and astrologer Narayana Montufar. "We will feel it the most as Chiron stations retrograde, and when the Moon and other planets are activating Chiron by aspect. "

What to expect from Chiron retrograde:

While Chiron is meant to make us feel uncomfortable, it also presents an opportunity to acknowledge our grief and overcome it.

"Certain people and situations will come around to remind us of those internal wounds that are preventing us from being ourselves and moving forward," Narayana adds.

Self-reflection is key at this time, she believes. 

"The secret lays in really processing both the pain and the anger, so we no longer act from that negative place in which they put us," Narayana says. 

How to deal with Chiron retrograde:

Sure, it might not be settling to dig deep and revisit difficulties. That's why it is incredibly important to make yourself a priority during this time. 

"Remember that self-care is not selfish, and don't feel guilty about leaving behind people or situations that you feel are holding you back," says astrologer Renée Watt. "It'll also be important to do some work around your confidence right now, remember to build yourself up as much as you build up your friends and the people you love."

Meanwhile, Narayana believes energy work, like Reiki or chakra balancing, is the best way to face the situation. (If you're all in favor of a little TLC, be sure to check out the best self-care practice according to your star sign.)  

While it might feel daunting knowing that these lengthy retrogrades are happening simultaneously (oh hey, Neptune!) take comfort in knowing that we'll be here to guide you through the cosmos, even when they seem to be acting up. Chiron might make things uncomfortable and even emotional, but you now have the tools to deal with the trauma once and for all. 

"My best advice for this transit is to not hide from it and face it head-on," Narayana says. " Chiron is all about accepting, healing, and releasing trauma so we can rise above it and help others do the same." Amen to that!

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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