Date ideas for rainy days to keep your and your S.O. entertained

Storms be damned! Our awesome date ideas for rainy days will make you forget all about the precipitation!

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Nothing can rain on your parade: these date ideas for rainy days will keep you and your honey content as the grey clouds roll in. 

From fun movie marathons to bedroom extracurriculars (if you catch our drift), there's plenty of ways to stay busy while at home. If you're thinking about heading out despite the weather, we have a few tips to keep you occupied (and dry)!

We don't want to toot our own horns, but these stellar suggestions all deserve a dating green flag!

Date ideas for rainy days: if you're at home

Feeling confined to those four walls? We've got you: these ideas are the perfect way to have a fun date, right from your living room. You won't miss the outside world a bit!

1. Play board games

A little friendly competition never hurt—in fact, it's encouraged amongst couples. Break out a jigsaw puzzle or Monopoly for a day of strategizing, but don't forget to make time for snacking in between plays. We hear spinach and artichoke dip pairs nicely with Scrabble. 

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2. Have a movie marathon

What better opportunity for a movie marathon than a dreary day? Crummy weather practically begs for a funny series or your go-to rom-com. Get your hygge on—blankets, candles, cocoa—and kick back for a few episodes and films...or 20. Yes, we give you permission to tell Netflix you're still watching.

3. Play with your toys

We're not talking the LEGO kind, friends. You're going to feel inclined to stay in bed when the weather's grey, so why not make appropriate use out of that time? We've rounded up the best app-controlled vibrators to use with a partner (or solo) for an afternoon of frisky fun. Trust us, you won't feel pressured to leave the house any time soon. 

4. Prepare a meal

You're not really going to make the delivery guy venture out in a storm, are you? Use this hibernation period as an opportunity to indulge in your favorite foods. Let bae be your sous chef while attempting some fun TikTok recipes. (Yes, we're always up for pesto eggs.)

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5. Tackle a project

From organizing your photos to creating a new piece for your living room, tackling a craft with a loved one is the perfect way to pass time. Plus, you'll be rewarded for all of your hard with a final product that's meaningful and adorable. (Well, hopefully adorable...)

6. Have a spa day

Wellness, anyone? Take the time to unwind while the weather's sour. Craving a new face mask? Want to take a long bath? Peruse our favorite self-care day ideas for a little TLC you and your love will enjoy. 

Date ideas for rainy days: if you're out

You're ready to brave the storm, huh? We applaud you. If you and your S.O. are dying to ditch your digs, here are some waterproof activities to help make your rainy day date extra pleasurable. 

1. Visit a museum

Explore a new exhibit—be it art, history, current affairs. Museums are aplenty and ready to welcome visitors back for a safe experience. Plus, you'll certainly have a few fun selfie ops while wandering through the galleries. 

2. Take a painting class

Painting and drinking wine might not be the best combination, but these classes surely make for a fun time out. Channel your inner Van Gogh while sipping some Pinot and unleashing your creativity.

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3. Try axe throwing

Let it all, out baby! Axe throwing not only boosts the competition but allows you to let off a little steam. Isn't it satisfying when you get a bullseye?

4. Visit an aquarium

You might not want to be doused in water, but the same cannot be said for your favorite aquatic creatures. See who's lurking down under with a trip to your local aquarium. We shouldn't have to tell you, but a trip to the shark exhibit is not encouraged—it's necessary. 

5. Go for a tarot reading

Are you and your partner cosmically in tune? See what the future has in store for you both with a reading. (Psst: read up on how to use tarot cards for love before your visit.)

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