Does masturbation have fitness benefits? Sexperts share their expertise

There's a reason why self-love is a favorite wellness trend as of late

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Solo sex has its perks, but does masturbation have fitness benefits? Will self-love cause us to stretch out our resistance bands and finally master the Crane Pose?

Women's most intense orgasms are courtesy of masturbation, and considering it's the secret to having really good sex, it comes as no surprise that we are curious about its other bonuses.

Plus, a certain athlete planted the seed. World Champion Boxer and seven-times-a-day masturbator (yes, a day) Tyson Fury credited his success in the sport to his vigorous routine, but not necessarily the one he practices at the gym. 

While it seems excessive—and begs the question "Can you masturbate too much?"—people are starting to equate strong muscles with even stronger self-love practices. 

"If someone hears this and thinks, 'Wow, if I masturbate seven times a day I can fight like Tyson Fury,' sorry, but it’s just not going to happen," says Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, clinical psychologist and sexual therapist. "However, if we think about masturbation as part of an overall wellness routine, [it] is definitely very beneficial."

Before you opt for the 200-pound weights instead of the much more reasonable treadmill, read on. Male sexperts via Arcwave offer up their thoughts on masturbation and fitness. (Yes, there's a masturbation gap, but these truths are universal.) 

Does masturbation have fitness benefits?

Well, yes and no. You can expect a little pick-me-up from self-love, but you're not going to turn into the Incredible Hulk. Conversely, self-love might make you a bit too tired to hit the gym, whether you identify as male, female or other. 

"Some athletes report that they don't masturbate or have sex before a match because they believe that it makes them tired or sluggish," says Australian-based sexpert Cam Fraser. "Other athletes [do] because it makes them feel relaxed and refreshed."

It's all personal, and there's no scientific evidence indicating that solo sex equals a successful gym visit, but it won't be completely detrimental. 

Even more masturbation benefits

Orgasms lead to mood boosts, clear skin (science says!) and stress reduction, so who are we to argue with that? Plus, solo sex can also help ease those awful period cramps. ("What is mensturbation", you ask? Wonder no more.) 

Once you decide to add a partner into the mix, masturbation will guide you towards what you feel works well in bed and what doesn't. It's akin to studying before a test—how will you know what to do if it's the first time you're answering the Q's? (Different types of vibrators are like the sexy study aide.) 

So while you might not be buff and able to lift a car after playing with your new clitoral stimulator, masturbation is recommended and has made its way into many 2022 wellness trends and practices.

"The question I always get is, “How often is too often to masturbate?” I always respond by telling the person if they are able to keep up with work or school, manage their relationships and responsibilities, to masturbate as much as they like," Dr. Ryan Jones says.

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