Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend: 13 unique present ideas that he'll love

If you need some help when searching for Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend (it can be tricky), we've got practical, fun, and stylish ideas that will appeal to any partner...

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If you're struggling to come up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend this year, our round up should provide all the inspiration you need – whether the man in your life prefers practical gifts, stylish additions to his wardrobe, luxury items or a surprise. 

Unless they're dropping hints left, right and center, buying a gift for your boyfriend (or fiancé or husband!) can feel like an impossible task. Do you get them something they want, or something they need? And what if you've been together for years and are fresh out of gift ideas? The struggle is real. But when it comes to the best Christmas gifts for a man, there are certain failsafes that you need to remember: a pair of great socks will always make a good gift; you can't go wrong with grooming and skincare; and a bottle of their favorite tipple—like a good Scotch—is never going to be frowned upon. They're the classics for a reason!

However, sometimes a more unique, personalized gift is a better option (not all boys are the same after all, despite what our previous dating lives may suggest)—which is where we come in. Whatever your budget may be, and whatever he's into, we've pulled together a list of the items that will ensure smiles all around come Christmas day. Whether you reckon he'd appreciate a musky new fragrance, a lush new item of clothing, a cookbook to further encourage his kitchen adventures, trust us, we've rounded up loads of options to ensure your BF gets a Christmas gift he'll love. And if you're keen to finish off your entire shopping list, see our guides to the best wellness gifts and the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts, too.

Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend

Knowing what to get your boyfriend doesn't have to be complicated; as long as you know one or two of their core hobbies, you can center your presents around that. For example, if they love fashion, an accessory from one of their favorite brands will likely be hugely appreciated. Or, for budding chefs, a cookbook filling a gap in their repertoire would likely be a hit. It doesn't even need to be something they've got a proven interest in—if you've spotted them eyeing up certain items online, or moaning that they don't have many gym clothes, you can easily use this knowledge to your advantage. We've rounded up all of your options below, with choices across all price ranges.

Where to buy Christmas gifts for your boyfriend in the US

Where to buy Christmas gifts for your boyfriend in the UK

9 Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend


1. Le Labo Another 13

RRP: $215/£157 for 50ml

It’s not Christmas unless there is a bottle of something that smells delicious under the tree. Equal parts sexy and mysterious, Another 13 by Le Labo is the sort of scent where, you can’t pinpoint exactly what it smells like, but you know it smells seriously good. Plus, he won’t notice if you have a spritz or two for yourself—there’s a reason this made it into our best perfume list.  


2. Acne Studios scarf

RRP: $210/£220

You can’t go wrong with a scarf, but make it a good one and it's one of the best cozy gifts there is. A lot of people ask, ‘Are Acne scarves worth it?’ and in our humble opinion, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only are they a timeless classic but the quality is second to none—making them one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend. This one comes in an oversized silhouette as well as several colorways to match their color analysis profile, and is perfect for layering up your man's look.


3. Dishoom From Bombay With Love Cookbook

RRP: $35/£26

Whether he's a pro in the kitchen or needs more practice, a cookbook makes the perfect Christmas gift. Just make sure you choose accordingly. Granted, the Dishoom cookbook is for those that know the difference between Turmeric and Chilli Powder, but half the fun is in learning right? Plus, it has the ultimate Black Daal recipe too. A great option for those who love exploring cuisine they don't normally get a chance to cook.


4. Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle

RRP: $54/£46 for 250g

Yes, guys are into scented candles too! This one by Malin + Goetz is natural, cruelty free and seriously the business. Light it up and kick back when the aroma of these delightful candle fills the air. With notes of bergamot, black pepper, orange, a cannabis accord (in a good way), magnolia, amber and sandalwood, this is one smokey, spicy and fresh scent. 


6. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

RRP: $199/‎£229.95 

Unwrapping new tech at Christmas would make even the Grinch himself light up from ear to ear. These earphones from Bose not only look good but are seriously good for listening to your favorite tunes or podcasts too. Bose have been pioneers of noise cancelling technology from the get-go, so expect the very best from these. They come with a portable charging case too, and last for a seriously impressive time. 


7. Babyliss iStubble Beard Trimmer

RRP: $90/£80

You can’t go wrong with a beard trimmer—well. unless he doesn’t have a beard...

But if your man does, this one from Babyliss is a classic with its sleek silhouette and contouring head which hugs the curves of a face. It’s perfect for trimming all lengths from stubbles to well-groomed short beards. 


8. Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops

RRP: From $46.50/£45 for 10ml 

SPF is the most important part of any skincare routine, so it’s essential that it becomes part of his—especially if it's not already! The Sun Drops by way of Dr Barbara Sturm offer broad spectrum protection—meaning it protects from both UVA and UVB types of light. It also blends seamlessly into all skin tones leaving no traces of gray smudges in its wake. Though you may want to inform him of the proper skincare product order before he uses it...


9. Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine

RRP: From $199/£179

Nespresso's Vertuo coffee machines are popular for a reason—they look sleek and stylish in your home, and produce a fantastically satisfying cup of coffee. So they're one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend.

There are multiple models available in the range, ranging from mid-price to much more expensive. Choose the one that fits your budget, and your boyfriend will look forward to waking up every morning come Christmas! This is also a great Christmas gift idea for a girlfriend.


10. Craft Beer Club subscription

RRP: $47.95 per shipment/£27 per shipment

Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend don't need to be practical! If your man is a fan of beer, and particularly appreciates a craft beer, then there's no better gift than a subscription which means he'll get a delicious selection delivered right to his door every month. 

In the US, this particular craft beer subscription will give him twelve beers per month from micro-breweries across the country, along with beer tasting notes and some fun beer trivia to peruse whilst drinking. In the UK, with this subscription option, you'll get eight different beers each month from a region across the globe—along with tasting notes, snacks, and a chance to share your thoughts with users across the globe on a discussion board.


11. AllSaints Underground logo-print jogging bottoms

RRP: $118/£99

Everyone needs some uber-comfortable loungewear in their lives, especially during the winter. So we reckon one of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend is a pair of these super soft, organic cotton joggers from AllSaints. They come in a nice neutral color so you can rest assured your boyfriend will like them, and they're stylish enough that if we wants to leave the house, these are totally acceptable.


12. Thomas Sabo Bracelet Little Secret classic

RRP: $49/£39

Jewelry for men is rising in popularity, so why not gift your partner something both sentimental and stylish? This simple yet on-trend textile bracelet is a brilliant choice for a man, as it's not overly flashy, yet still adds a hint of fun to an outfit. Plus, you can make it a really meaningful gift by engraving the silver bar with something that signifies your bond. Perhaps you want to engrave your own name, or your initials? You might even want to write a special date on there that means something to you. Whatever it is, he's sure to appreciate it. This is a great gift option for longer-term couples.


13. Massage gun

RRP: $79.99/£150.84

If your man likes to hit the gym, or maybe struggles with sore muscles after WFH, a massage gun is a must-have. They most often come with different heads, that you can switch out depending on the firmness of the massage you're after, or the area you are massaging. Massage guns are said to dive deep into your muscles to get rid of any tension or soreness, and help improve blood flow—you might even be stealing it from him before December is over! There are plenty of options to be found on Amazon, and you can expect to spend anything from $40/£40+ on one.

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