Georgia Hassarati from 'Perfect Match' dishes on the show, her best dating advice and what's next

'I've had enough dating shows!' Georgia Hassarati from 'Perfect Match' tells My Imperfect Life

Georgia Hassarati from Perfect Match, Georgia Hassarati and Chloe Veitch in episode 09 of Perfect Match
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Georgia Hassarati from Perfect Match is excited about her next chapter...even if that includes taking a breather from reality dating shows

On Tuesday, February 14, we were introduced to Netflix's latest guilty pleasure show where singles from the streamer's previous series (Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and the like) come together at a gorgeous villa while attempting to find the one. 

Unsurprisingly, we were left with rivalries, broken hearts and, ultimately, Perfect Match winners in Dom and Georgia. The two are no longer together, but Georgia is optimistic about all that's ahead. She sat down with My Imperfect Life to chat about important lessons she's learned from the show, things we didn't get to see and what she has planned next. 

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Georgia Hassarati from 'Perfect Match' chats to My Imperfect Life: 

Q: Hi Georgia! What attracted you to Perfect Match and what did the show teach you about love?

A: I feel like, as I'd been on Too Hot To Handle [season 3], after that experience I feel like I was really ready to meet someone. I don't think in Too Hot To Handle I was. 

So following that experience, when the opportunity came my way, I thought, 'This could be a good thing for me. Why not give it a try? See where it goes.' 

I also just changed so much in my headspace and I was ready to be vulnerable. I was excited to take the opportunity and see where it lead.

How did you manage to stay focused and not get distracted by the drama while at the villa? 

I feel like I had a great support system in Dom and also in a few other friends I had in the environment. So we would have our little debriefs and conversations and support each other behind the scenes. 

I just had great people to share the experience with, so I just gravitated towards whoever made me feel safe and, you know, embraced my personality. And I just stayed a little bit away from those I didn't click with as much. 

What was the most memorable moment of the show for you? 

I think one of my favorite moments would be the rap that me and Chloe wrote for Dom and Shayne. It was just so fun because we spent the whole day, you know, writing down things that we liked [about them], and just wanted to give them something to show them how special they were.

It really made the night, we all had a great time; everyone laughed and got along. I feel like it brought the house together for a moment, where there, you know, would've been a little bit of a divide. 

Obviously, winning with Dom was so amazing for both of us to see that, even though people were testing both of us and our connection, in the end, they ultimately saw what we had was real. I think that meant so much to both of us because we spent a lot of time trying to prove it to everyone, and you know, overcome hurdles.

Tell us about your relationship with Dom. Where do you two stand now? And how did you spend your vacation together?

So, we didn't go on the vacation that we planned, but we did spend time outside of filming. We came to the US, we went to DisneyWorld and did a few fun things. 

Unfortunately, we're not together anymore. It was filmed quite a while ago, about a year and a half ago now, so we've gone our separate ways. But I do wish him all the best, he is a really amazing person and whoever he ends up with will be a really lucky girl because he's lovely. I see him around, there's no bad blood, we get along. It's all fine, we just didn't end up together.

georgia hassarati and dom gabriel on perfect match

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What moments from your storyline did we not see play out on Perfect Match?

One of the main things for me was the night I chose Dom, I spoke to Francesca prior to that and she actually kind of encouraged me to match with Dom because she felt as though the connection I was in wasn't really a stable one, so she gave me the advice to go in that direction. I feel like it's a little annoying that it was kept out because it looked like I went behind her back, but that's not the case.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to appear in future seasons of Perfect Match or similar dating shows?

Just know that it is going to be a very challenging environment. It can get complicated at times: you have a group of girls, they're so close, but there's only a limited amount of guys and everyone's encouraged to get to know each other. So sometimes it can be a little bit awkward—like you're all dating the same people—but just be open to the experience and remember what you came there for and just do everything in the most respectful way you can.

Also, embrace the opportunity! It's amazing to have that chance to meet someone that you could be a perfect match with, so just go for it and be vulnerable and open to the experience.

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Do you have any projects lined up now that Perfect Match is completed?

Yes, I've actually been discussing setting up my own podcast. I'd love to have a platform where I can connect with my audience on a deeper level and I think it'd be a really fun way to show more of my personality because a lot of that doesn't get shown in TV shows where there are so many other people and you're limited to a small amount of time. I'm also focused on starting my own brand; it's still early days!

Will your podcast be about dating and who are your dream guests?

I've met so many amazing people post-Too Hot To Handle and even after Perfect Match as well. I have so many cool friends that I think would be fun to have on there. And I'm not sure what angle I want to take yet, but I think it would be good to do a dating-style show. I might leave it up to my audience to help me decide.  

What are you hoping to do next TV-wise?

As far as TV, I'm not really sure where that lies, I guess it's in the hands of Netflix! But whatever opportunities come my way from here on out, I'm open to anything. It'd be fun to go on a challenge-based TV show next. Maybe no dating shows for a little while—I've had enough dating shows—but I would still be open to going on a different kind of TV show.

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