Is there Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer drama? An update on the 'Euphoria' costars

Fans are gabbing about those Jacob Elordi Hunter Schafer drama rumors, but are they true?

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Euphoria is not chaotic enough for some, thus a rumored Jacob Elordi Hunter Schafer drama has emerged.

The fandom is quick to make predictions, especially as we gear up for Euphoria season 3. But some have become so obsessed with fiction that their ideas are spilling over into reality. 

Jules and Nate might appear one way on screen, and now rumors allege that the two actors behind those characters are not terribly cushy IRL. Is this anything like Barbie Ferreira, Euphoria's Kat Hernandez, and her beef with the show's creator? Here's what's really going on. 

Inside the Jacob Elordi Hunter Schafer drama:

Fans originally suspected something was off when the two stars unfollowed each other on Instagram, the most blatant sign of trouble in paradise in our digital world. 

However, as of February 28, 2022, they do both appear in one another's "following" feed, so we're not entirely sure where fans were going with that one. Though it took a bit of scrolling to confirm, the two are in fact connected on social media. 

Going beyond newsfeeds, it appears things are fine in the real world. Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike sparked dating rumors earlier this year, and it seems as if their Euphoria costars Elordi and Alexa Demie decided to join them on an evening out, which isn't exactly something enemies would do, right? 

But the show's plot is what had super fans truly concerned: In the debut season of Euphoria, Nate creates a fake online persona in an attempt to capture Jules' heart. But when Euphoria season 2 kicked off two years later, the storyline changed, and Nate set his sights on Cassie with the good hair. (Psst: here's how to recreate Cassie's Euphoria hair looks, if you're feeling adventurous.) 

Is there a reason for this switch? Some suspect that Elordi and Schafer would no longer film together, which is why Nate's love interests seemingly swapped. Phew, that's quite a bit of tension to keep up with. 

Although Reddit and Twitter feeds might be overflowing with tension, it appears Elordi and Schafer are, in fact, on decent terms. Though they might not be best buds, there's no reason to assume they're experiencing a friendship breakup

Considering the news that Ferriera and Sam Levinson (the writer and creator of Euphoria) are on different pages regarding Kat's transformation, we have a feeling that eagle-eyed fans are extra keen on scoping out any behind-the-scenes intel on the show, which includes but is not limited to: IRL tension, costar couples and whether or not a Tom Holland Euphoria cameo is actually happening...or if one already did. 

The fictional drama in the teen series is certainly convincing enough, and the sophomore season finale left us with heartbreaking questions: Does Fezco die in EuphoriaDid Ashtray die in Euphoria? What's going on with Rue? What about Jules? Don't fans already have plenty to unpack without making something up?!

For those who want to relive the emotional second season, and perhaps even the first, all episodes of the show are currently available on HBO and HBO Max.

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