Leo season memes to keep you laughing all throughout the dramatic, fiery season

Trust us, these Leo season memes will keep you scrolling well past your bedtime

Leo season memes feature image; a yellow lion, leo's zodiac symbol, on a confetti background
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Fire signs are the astrological equivalent of reality TV: bold and dramatic

Unsurprisingly, Leo season memes have the ability to keep you entertained while scrolling through newsfeeds and trending hashtags on TikTok. Trust us when we tell you that this member of the zodiac is responsible for some LOL-worthy material. (Don't worry—it's all in good fun!)

Whether it's their confidence or desire for the spotlight, Leos have certainly inspired some creativity from internet-savvy folks. Check out ways that the fire sign will keep you laughing this summer, which is honestly one of the best gifts astrology fans could ask for.

Our favorite Leo season memes:

When does Leo season start? 2022's event has been marked with some social media gems that are worthy of your attention. Have a look below and just try not to laugh.

1. Little Miss Leo

Little Miss memes have been enjoying viral success, so it's only fair that the latest internet fad paid tribute to Leos. @astromemeist graciously did the honors. 

2. How Leos apologize

Well, this kind of sounds like a you problem. 

3. The drastic change from Cancer season...

One minute things are calm, cool and collected. The second Cancer season ends, the dramatics ensue!

4. ...as we were saying

Sandy can sum it up for ya!

5. Leos = main character energy

We all appreciate a good protagonist, don't we?

6. Leo season ~moods~

Obviously we'd find Kris Jenner lurking somewhere in the Leoverse. 

7. How the zodiac responds to Leo season

User @astrobellaluna for the win! This take on Leo season is comedic gold. 


♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

8. 'Me, me, me'

"Don't you think that's going to make them think, like, everything's about them?" 


♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

9. Roll out the red carpet

Roar! Anyone else ready for a heavy dose of confidence?


♬ original sound - kingc

10. When Virgo season swoops in

Yes, dear Leo, even your time in the spotlight must come to an end eventually. Take a bow! 

"Leo season is going to be nothing short of drama, which is just what Leo likes," astrologer Noush previously told My Imperfect Life. "It can bring that activity, that passion, that energy, that spice. The drama can also be fun, it doesn’t have to be scary."

Meet the expert: Noush

An intuitive astrologer, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. Check out her crystal shop on Instagram @jooncrystals.

In 2022, Leo season will be full of energy, per usual, and you can expect to feel a need to socialize and even enjoy art forms. You might be feeling more confident than usual—a trait that goes along nicely with Leos—and we wouldn't be surprised if there's a desire for center stage.

Overall, regardless of your sign and how you generally interact with the Leos in your life, Noush suggests it's a time to remain positive and true to yourself, regardless of what the fire sign might have up its sleeve (hint: a lot).

If you need a few more astrology-related giggles, check out relatable memes for the cosmically curious and full moon memes, courtesy of la bella luna and her antics.

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