Sexperts answer the most Googled questions about masturbation

Stop hiding behind a search engine: our expert breaks down the top questions about masturbation

What are the top questions about masturbation? Pictured: Curvy woman wearing bra
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Cat's out of the bag: the most Googled questions about masturbation have been revealed. 

Though self-love is oftentimes a taboo topic, it is not only a healthy and encouraged asset to wellness routines—and provides multiple benefits—but it's also responsible for women's most intense orgasms

Thus, sex expert Sarah Riccio, owner of the NYC-based pleasure-positive online shop, has decided to tackle each and every inquiry about solo sex. All in favor of sexual bliss, say "aye!"

What are the most Googled questions about masturbation?

Wondering what piques other's interest? Check out Riccio's findings (and advice) below. Don't forget to also have a look at the most Googled sex positions and the most Googled sex questions to satisfy your own curiosity. 

1. Is masturbation normal?

"It is a completely healthy, common and normal activity to enjoy, and people should feel reassured that many others do it themselves," Riccio says of solo sex.  

You should certainly consider masturbating during your period to ease cramps, boost your mood and help you catch some Z's. But you might want to hold off on masturbating during work hours. Studies say the phenomenon is on the rise, but don't forget that you're on the clock, folks! 

2. How to masturbate?

Check out My Imperfect Life's expert-backed tips for how to masturbate and remember that the focus should be your pleasure and whatever that entails for you

"How you approach this depends on what makes your body feel good," Riccio says. "Masturbation provides an opportunity to learn about your own body and sexual desires without the complications that can occur when with a partner."

(Pro tip: the best clit vibrators will provide a seriously intense experience.)

3. How often should you masturbate?

There's no timestamp when it comes to masturbation. Self-love frequency is entirely up to you. 

"As long as it does not affect your everyday life in a negative way, the frequency is a personal choice," Riccio says. 

Heck, we know one woman who orgasmed every day for a month!

4. How much masturbation is too much?

Masturbation only becomes too much when it interferes with your schedule and health. 

"A rule of thumb is to masturbate as much as you want as long as it 1. doesn't get in the way of your daily life, activities and relationships, and 2. doesn't injure you," sex blogger and influencer Julieta Chiara previously told My Imperfect Life. 

Likewise, Riccio adds: "Factors including having masturbation on the brain 24/7, using it as escape or doing it at inappropriate times or places are all signs that you have developed an unhealthy habit. It is vital to recognize this and perhaps spend your time on other activities to distract yourself."

5. How to masturbate without porn?

The best fantasies can come from your noggin. 

"The creative part of your brain goes into overdrive when you’re alone," Riccio says. "That means your mind churns out vivid ideas and images during masturbation to help bring exciting scenarios to life."

If you need a little assistance, perhaps consider guided masturbation, an "exciting way to up the ante in your self-pleasure journey" and get you in tune with what feels good.

6. What are the effects of masturbation?

There are numerous health and fitness benefits to solo sex, including strong pelvic health, a mood boost and even skincare benefits. Plus, there are a few perks you probably didn't even realize.

"Studies even show that adrenaline released during solo play can help you feel empowered and increase your sense of purpose," Riccio adds. "Turns out pleasuring yourself is good for your mental and physical health."

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