What are the most sexually satisfied star signs? This study has the cosmic intel

Who is having the best time in bed? A new study from Lovehoney has all the steamy details

What are the most sexually satisfied star signs? Pictured: Romantic heterosexual couple relaxing in the water at beautiful sunset. Embracing and playing in the sea
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The cosmos can be pretty eye-opening—in fact, some say they can point out the most sexually satisfied star signs of the zodiac. Do you believe it?

Love and astrology tend to find their way to one another quite a bit: from star signs that spell breakup to the best sex positions to try based on your sign. So, what does the study of stars indicate about our libidos? No need to consult your astrological birth chart: Lovehoney did some digging to find out which signs are enjoying themselves the most while between the sheets.

What are the most sexually satisfied star signs in the zodiac?

Lovehoney surveyed over 2,000 adults in the UK ages 18 and up from April to May 2023 and discovered that these top five signs are the most sexually satisfied, based on the percentage of respondents:

  1. Libra: 80.34% 
  2. Capricorn: 77.05%
  3. Pisces: 75.81%
  4. Scorpio: 75.44%
  5. Leo: 75.31%

The reason why couples are not sexually satisfied:

Although the study did not indicate where other members of the zodiac fall on the spectrum, it did reveal why pairs are not necessarily 100% satisfied: they're too preoccupied.

Thoughts tend to race and cloud what is supposed to be an intimate experience and ultimately one that brings people closer together. However, almost two-thirds of people (61%) are concentrating on all the things they want their partner to do that they are not. Over half (53%) of respondents admit they wonder when sex is going to be over. Then, unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, 57% of women are focused on when they might get to orgasm, though sexperts have insisted time and time again that the end result does not make or break an intimate experience. 

However, we know that any star sign has the capability to feel what Libras do, no matter what their birth charts say!

How to fix the problem

The cosmic pros have taught us that astrological compatibility is possible for all signs. Likewise, so is sexual satisfaction. Considering survey respondents have admitted that their minds are often wandering—and 26% of participants said they're unfulfilled with their sex lives—it's time to learn how to reset your sex life

1. Be candid

Professionals say that talking about sex makes it more pleasurable, and how do you know what's pleasurable to your partner if you don't have a conversation? How are they supposed to know what makes you happy if you're not vocal?

2. Try something new

Lovehoney spoke to Clinical Sexologist, Ness Cooper, who offered some insight. She recommends a little experimentation, provided there's consent. 

“Newness during sex can also help some individuals gain autonomy during sex too as well as authenticity," she told Lovehoney. "In the early stages of a relationship, sexual likes and dislikes can feel similar to your partner, but as you develop your relationship further you are able to express more about your individual differences."

Have a look at sensory play ideas and foreplay ideas to spice things up. 

"Exploring new things sexually can be helpful to learn new ways you enjoy being stimulated," she added. "Our bodies and experiences are forever changing and this can mean that we may enjoy things we didn’t before at any point in our lives."

3. Add toys

Have a look at the best sex toys for couples and see what strikes your fancy. Sexperts insist there's nothing wrong with getting help from an accessory or two. 

“Sex toys can offer variations to sensations and stimulation. Particular types of sex toys can help inspire certain forms of sexual play too which may not have come to mind before," Cooper said. "For example, buying a G-spot sex toy may inspire someone, or a couple, to explore G-spot play for the first time.”

4. Get some sun

Since says Vitamin D can help boost our sex drive, so grab the SPF and enjoy an afternoon at the beach. 

Here's how to learn more about the study from Lovehoney. In the meantime, get ready for the friskiest time of the year with the best summer sex positions, according to the pros.

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