TikTok says this scent is a grown-up swap for Glossier You—and our beauty ed actually prefers it

Already a fan of Glossier's iconic 'skin-scent'? These are the perfumes similar to Glossier You to invest in...

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Glossier's signature, hero fragrance has been heralded as one of the best perfumes for women, but if you're already a fan—what are some other (and more elegant) scents like Glossier You to add to your collection? TikTok has the answer...

Right now, perfumes known as 'skin scents' are high on the list of spring perfume trends, with Glossier You being amongst the most well-known and beloved.

So, if this polarizing scent has already converted you but you want to expand your collection of musky, complex fragrances with something perhaps a tad more mature—or just to change up your daily rotation—here's TikTok's picks of perfumes similar to Glossier You...

What does Glossier You smell like?

Supposedly, it smells a little bit different on every wearer and is designed to create a scent that is 'uniquely yours'.

If you're wondering what Glossier You smells like, it's both a woodsy and floral perfume, with notes of ambrette seeds, pink pepper and warm ambery ambrox, balanced with a hint of fresh iris.

Scents like Glossier You, according to TikTok

Whether you're looking for a new date-night perfume, or perhaps feel you've out-grown your trusty Glossier scent (it happens!), TikTok says Diptyque's Fleur De Peau is the ultimate swap.

Users @velvetmelonn and @bosnianfivehead shared their thoughts on the scent, with the latter explaining that it's, "the closest thing you will get to Glossier You, and it's a more mature version of it," before adding that it's 'much more powdery.' 


♬ Sia - Xeptemper

Diptyque's Fleur De Peau itself, indeed boasts an almost identical blend of perfume notes to You, including pink pepper, iris and warm bursts of ambery ambrette seeds—so yeah, it's pretty darn close! Where it differs from Glossier You though is the price point...this perfume will set you back over $200.


Diptyque Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum

RRP: $220 for 2.5 fl oz

With its blend of musks, pink pepper, ambrette seeds and iris, on paper, this scent is very similar to Glossier You. It's soft and cottony but with an animalistic twist that is both cozy and effortlessly chic—making it a perfect, signature office perfume as well as a daily scent.

Our in-house beauty editor, Aleesha Badkar, is a big fan of Fleur De Peau, opting for it much more regularly than the Glossier You scent.

"I love Glossier You," says Aleesha, "but it can be pretty one-dimensional and, on occasion, wear a tad sweet for me. The Fleur De Peau boasts the same cozy warmth as You, but with a floral musky twist. I'm not a fan of rose perfumes, but the Turkish rose that peeks through in the Diptyque's heart notes takes the edge of the musk while the touch of bergamot really lifts the whole thing, preventing it from being too heady. It's a firm favorite among the dozens of bottles on my perfume shelf—perfect for if you're looking for something a bit more individual for the office or a breezy vacation dinner."

While this is a perfume that smells like Glossier You, it's definitely an investment buy. But if you already know that you like this style of scent and will wear it, it's worth it. It's also an eau de parfum, meaning it's a more long-lasting perfume as opposed to an eau de toilette—with a little going a much longer way on the EDP.

Plus, if you do choose to make the purchase, you can try a hack like the Vaseline perfume trick or spraying your perfume to wet skin, to ensure its longevity.

MIL's edit of perfumes like Glossier You

If you can't quite swing for the Diptyque's Fleur De Peau price though, don't fret—as we've rounded up a few other perfumes similar to Glossier You...


Maison Margiela ’REPLICA’ Lazy Sunday Morning

RRP: $85 for 1fl oz

This scent shares a similar floral and spicy blend to Glossier You and is also described as a powdery, cotton-like scent. It features notes of white musk and floral hints of Lily of the Valley and Iris (like Glossier You!)


Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh Paradise Eau de Toilette

RRP: $104 for 2.5 fl oz

Offering a more floral scent, this Marc Jacobs scent has notes of pink pepper with lavender and Attarmitti Natureprint. It's also perfect for perfume layering if that's your thing!


Le Labo Another 13 Eau de Parfum

RRP: $310 for 3.4 fl oz

Now, again this is an investment perfume. Le Lebo's Another 13 is a cult favorite scent and with its notes of ambrette seed and ambrox, with the addition of green and zingy bursts of apple and pear—it's similar, but also a slightly fresher option to Glossier You.


Juliette Has A Gun Sunny Side Up Eau De Parfum

RRP: $145 for 3.3 fl oz

With notes of amyris sandalwood, vanilla absolute, jasmine lactone, jasmine, iris and ambrette, this scent is another dreamy alternative.

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