The Strawberry Moon is nearly here and it's going to be intense

Prepare yourself for high emotions

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As far as astrology goes, June has been a wild month. We’ve had everything thrown at us, from the summer solstice to Mercury in retrograde. And if our full moon calendar is anything to go by, we’re not out of the woods yet. The Strawberry Moon is coming and much like the Blood Moon, it causes quite a stir.

The Strawberry Moon is the last super moon of the year and lights up our skies on the 24th of June, and experts at Psychicworld (opens in new tab) warn we may find ourselves feeling, drained, emotional, and anxious.

If you felt the effects of Mercury hard this month, this is probably not the news you were hoping for. But fear not because the experts have armed us with tips to combat the effects.

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What to do during the Strawberry Moon June 2021

Rest and fuel 

Full moons are known for making us feel weird. We can be physically and mentally drained and no matter how much sleep we get, we still feel tired.

Experts say to take some time to sit still in the coming days. Don’t be tempted to scroll, just sit quietly on your own, doing nothing. This will help rest your mind and body. They say you should do this for at least 10 minutes every day.

Another way to combat the draining effects of the Strawberry Moon is to eat well—that means lots of fruit and veg everyone! 

Be one with nature

Tip number two is to get a lot of fresh air. Go outside and be one with nature and the elements. They say: “There is nothing more calming than the natural world, and at a time when our emotions are running wild, stopping for a minute and enjoying the surroundings of a natural space will be nothing but positive.”

Also, just because the moon can make us feel drained and heighten our emotions, doesn’t mean you can’t marvel at its splendor—keep an eye out for it in the coming days, it will no doubt be impressive. 

Engage with your spirituality 

If you’re an astrology and crystals lover, you’ll know super moons bring a lot of energy, and the experts suggest that this is a great time to charge your crystals (check out our crystals for beginners guide if you're not sure where to start).

They also say: “Once you can resign yourself to the healing properties of a full moon you can control and channel these stirring emotions correctly.”

Try journaling to channel your inner thoughts, feelings, and worries. You can also find crystals that help sleep and crystals for anxiety, which may help you calm the effects of the Strawberry Moon. Here's hoping for a calmer Cancer season...

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