The Olaplex bun is taking over TikTok—here's why the pros say it's worth trying

Get the look and soak up the nutrients—the Olaplex bun is twofold

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The Olaplex bun is the style hack you never knew you needed. 

TikTok, your virtual encyclopedia for hair and makeup tricks, is overflowing with praise for Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector. Crafty app users have decided to take the treatment a step further by finding a way to nourish their locks and look chic at the same time. 

Enter the Olaplex bun, a way in which to mask your hair while you're out and about. No need to sit home while the product works its magic—you are free to carry on with your business. 

"When you're doing a deep conditioning treatment, you want to leave it in as long as possible because that's how you get the most benefits," says Kate Post, a New York-based hairstylist and a member of the Bridal By Alexandria team. 

She continues, "Most people are on a timeline. Not a lot of people have the time to sit around and let their hair mask for hours and hours and hours. What's nice is [this] kind of made a way to leave it in all day."

That's the beauty of the bun! Even though you're really striving to give your strands a little TLC, the Olaplex bun just looks like you're styling the popular liquid hair trend. Don't worry: this trick won't blow your cover. 

"It's leaning into that wet look that's in," Post says of the bun. "It's acceptable now and it never used to be, and I think that's why it's trending. [Plus] it helps your hair get back to a healthy state."

How about trying it out for yourself? (Psst: Olaplex No 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask is another possible contender, and hairstylist Neil Moodie recommends Olaplex No 6, as it reduces frizz and flyaways.)

The Olaplex bun on TikTok

Have a look at the way in which various TikTok users are attempting the style. Simple, chic and satisfying to your strands—what could be better?

"You add an amount of product that is suggested on the packaging and use it like a styling gel," Moddie says. "Apply from roots to ends on damp hair and comb through, then create the bun of your choice."


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Although this particular bun hack places special emphasis on a sleek look, sometimes that glossy finish could be overkill. In an effort not to look like you're swimming in product, hone in on the areas in which you're placing the Olaplex goodies. 

"If you were trying not to make it look too greasy, I'd try using a little less of the product, focus putting the product more so on the ends, which is generally where you have the most damage," Post says. "It'll still look sleek, but it won't look as wet and greasy."

Moodie thinks it's not necessarily about limiting the product, but the number of times per week you use the product.

"The thing to remember is that hair that is pretty healthy will only absorb what it needs, and you have to be careful not to overload the hair with this product too often," he says. "If your hair is chemically treated or naturally very dry, like type 3C and all Type 4 hair, then the benefits are higher. I think to use three times a week is ample, after shampooing."

Now let's say you're dying to nail the Bella Hadid bun but you don't necessarily need a pricey hair product; why not opt for an Olaplex dupe?

"Olaplex is an amazing product and it really helps your hair, but it's also really expensive," Post admits. "If people are just really liking the look of it [Olaplex bun] this is a style that's good to do with any leave-in conditioner or mask for your hair."

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Happy styling and restoring, dear readers! We cannot wait to see how your 'do turns out.

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