The biggest surprise from 'The Ultimatum' season 2 reunion is one we *definitely* didn't see coming

We were nervous about 'The Ultimatum' season 2 reunion reveals, but also *very* shocked...

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It's all been leading up to this very moment: The Ultimatum season 2 reunion. 

After a solid week—a lifetime in reality TV terms—we are finally about to uncover where each of The Ultimatum season 2 couples stand now. As of Wednesday, August 30, the engagement episode and reunion episode are available to stream on Netflix, and our hearts are beating just thinking about the possible outcomes. (Yes, we're pretty invested.) 

Given that there were quite a few ups and downs throughout the season, and one pair split before the experiment could even begin—looking at you, Lisa and Brian— we were kind of uncertain if there would be a few happily-ever-afters, if any.

Since James admitted to cheating on Ryann, could they overcome the setback? Will Roxanne and Antonio get on the same page personally and professionally? Will Kat's quiet demeanor be manageable for Alex, especially after pairing up with the confident Roxanne? Will Trey and Riah get on the same page? 

What we learned on 'The Ultimatum' season 2 reunion:

During this couch-side catch-up with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the cast reconvenes to reflect on their experience, and of course, fill viewers in on what's happening now that the cameras have stopped rolling. Did issuing an ultimatum really work to their benefit? 

Are Kat and Alex still together after she said "yes" to his proposal?  How about Roxanne and Antonio? The rest of the gang? Were all those problems suddenly solved after this unorthodox three-week experiment? Apparently so. 

Perhaps in a reality TV first, all of the couples said "yes" to an engagement and are still together today, even though some were a bit wishy-washy about their future plans. Though Lisa and Brian didn't go through the show in its entirety, they're still together and have a three-month-old named Mason. 

Have we ever witnessed such a feat? Only one couple from The Ultimatum: Queer Love is still going strong. April and Jake and Rae and Jake broke the good-luck streak for the debut season of The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On. So, despite the doubts, insecurities, infidelities, and challenges thrown their way, the season 2 couples ended up falling back in love with the person they came with. As far as whether or not the contestants would recommend issuing an ultimatum? Or even apply to go on the show? It's a resounding yes. 

"It may not be the answer that you want, but whatever the answer is, it's the truth," contestant Antonio Mattei tells My Imperfect Life. 

Let's hope that we have just as much success for The Ultimatum season 3—and that the season 2 couples are still together when the third installment comes out.

What to watch after 'The Ultimatum' season 2

So, what's next? It's time to look ahead, and fortunately for fans of reality dating shows, there's plenty of romantic chaos headed to our screens. (Good for us, not necessarily good for couples.) 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 hits Netflix on Friday, September 1. And we're pod-bound for Love Is Blind season 5, which begins on Friday, September 22. We're ready for a marathon!

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