Is the new TikTok foundation hack genius or a waste of time?

There's a TikTok foundation hack dividing beauty buffs across the platform: what do you think of the new fad?

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The wonders never cease! A TikTok foundation hack has captivated makeup enthusiasts across the platform...and divided them in the process. While some are now convinced to toss their Beautyblenders out the window, others remain skeptical of the new fad.

An unexpected tool, the facial roller, is stepping in and changing up cosmetic routines. Select your product of choice—the best non-comedogenic foundations, the best foundation for acne-prone skin, the best foundations for sensitive skin, whatever your heart desires—and start rollin'. It's as simple as that. 

Although we typically use jade rollers and rose quartz rollers to de-puff our skin and reduce redness, it turns out the wellness gadget is multifaceted, according to some TikTokers. They claim it is the perfect way to apply foundation smoothly and flawlessly. Hmm...

Jade roller TikTok foundation hack: how did it start?

A woman named Avonna, who goes by @avonnasunshine on the app, decided to share her "game-changing" results in a now-viral video. 

"I know you guys are used to using this for like, massaging your face and all of that good stuff, but have you ever tried blending your foundation," she asks with a laugh. 

If you're watching the clip, Avonna makes a pretty solid point while applying her skincare. 

"Not only does it evenly distribute your foundation, but the coldness of it helps to shrink your pores, so it's going to give a very, very smooth application. And you're going to get fuller coverage this way, too."

Perhaps she's onto something?


GAME CHANGER!!!! @Maybelline New York fit me 340

♬ original sound - Avonna Sunshine

"OMG I have to try!!" one user promised. "Feels SO GOOD I just tried it!!" another wrote. 

Meanwhile, the naysayers in the comments section expressed their doubts. "My acne-prone skin said no," one wrote. "That seems time-consuming," another offered. 

Where do you stand on the great TikTok foundation hack debate? 

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Is it safe to roll on makeup?

While this trend is not necessarily one that is getting a resounding "yes" from makeup users, people are beginning to wonder if it's safe. Dermatologists say it's ok to attempt, just as long as you're cleaning the tools frequently. 

According to L'Oreal, tools that work with your foundation build up bacterial, oil and makeup debris. You'll need to scout out a mild soap or cleanser from the pharmacy if you're going to make this a regular habit. Plus, you'll have to clean the tool more frequently now that it's being mixed in with other products. 

This comes on the heels of another interesting makeup movement: TikTokers using lube as base makeup. And despite what any video might try to convince you, the pros argue that this is a hard pass. 

"I absolutely do not recommend using lube as a makeup primer," says Alexandria Gilleo, makeup artist and founder of My Zen Den. "Your face and your privates have different pH levels and the ingredients are not formulated to use as a primer."

While there are plenty of TikTok beauty hacks making the rounds, not all are 100% safe. Use your judgment and ask professionals for help when in doubt. And don't try doubling up on trends by using your facial roller to apply lube as beauty base coat—not a good idea!

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