What does the Bee in Bridgerton mean for Season 2 of the Netflix hit show?

What does the Bee in Bridgerton mean as it makes an appearance in the season finale?

What does the Bee in Bridgerton mean? BRIDGERTON JONATHAN BAILEY as ANTHONY BRIDGERTON sat on a horse in episode 101 of BRIDGERTON
(Image credit: NICK BRIGGS/NETFLIX © 2020)

'What does the Bee in Bridgerton mean?' is something we found ourselves wondering as the Bridgerton ending streamed out.

Just when we thought we couldn't get gripped to another Netflix period drama like we did with The Crown, we went and binge watched Bridgerton and found ourselves wanting more yet again.

But the creators of the addictive Regency-era drama, an adaptation of the bestselling Julia Quinn romance novels, could be teasing us that there is more to come after its eight dreamy episodes came to an end with the biggest hint that a second season of Bridgerton will be on its way.

For those who are late to the Bridgerton party, a little recap of the Season one ending will surely hook you into watching it from start to finish. In "After the End," we saw Daphne and Simon welcome their first child, and the identity of the mysterious Lady Whistledown was revealed. 

But our attention was drawn to the single buzzing bee on a windowsill in the show's final seconds - for which the camera seemed to intentionally fixate for longer - which has led us to believe the bee is a sign of what's yet to come for the Bridgerton cast...

So what exactly could the Bee in Bridgerton mean for Anthony Bridgerton?

  • A potential second series - Although nothing is yet confirmed, it does hint that the next chapter of the Netflix series will focus on The Viscount Who Loved Me novel. This second novel in the series focuses on the eldest brother Anthony Bridgerton and its prologue reveals that a bee sting killed the family patriarch Edmund Bridgerton, aged 38. As a result, Anthony who was only 18 at the time of his father's death, believes he too will die young and a phobia of bees. So what's the connection? Well a bee forces him to marry Kate Sheffield, the woman who turns out to be his soul mate.
  • Jonathan Bailey, who plays the role of Anthony has already confirmed the split between him and opera singer Siena "definite". “Out of the two characters, she’s the one who really grows and finds her strength to know herself and what she needs," Jonathan told OprahMag.com. "I don’t think Anthony shows any sign of knowing what he needs and what he wants. He obviously loves her but has no ability to love her in the way that she would need in order to be happy. But we’ll have to wait and see. It’s Shondaland, you never know what’s around the corner." So could Season 2 focus on his future love?
  • Jonathan is confident his character will find love: "There’s love for everyone in the world, even for Anthony. So fingers crossed," he added.

And since dating app Bumble wasn't around in the Regency era, it looks like the bee could be set to play matchmaker after all...