Which Good Trouble character are you based on your star sign?

Are you more of a Callie or a Mariana? Here's which Good Trouble character you're most like, based on your zodiac

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Love astrology? Love Good Trouble? Well, this is your lucky day!

Not only is Good Trouble season 4 back on Freeform (and Hulu the next day), but you can also find out which Good Trouble character you are based on your star sign, thanks to the zodiac expertise of astrologer and author Lisa Stardust

Are you a Callie or a Mariana? A Gael or an Evan? Find out which Good Trouble character you are with our horoscope guide below. But first, make sure you're up to date with the latest episodes by learning how to watch Good Trouble wherever you are in the world. And keep your fingers crossed for Good Trouble season 5 and a Callie return...

Which Good Trouble character are you?

1. Aries: Malika

Aries are known to not take any bull from anyone, give their all to endeavors that they are passionate about, and also fight for what they believe is right. Malika uses her voice to shed light on political matters that are important and won’t stop working for the causes close to her heart. In true Aries form, she is willing to risk everything for the causes that she completely believes in and aligns with politically. 

2. Taurus: Alice

Alice has a lot of feelings that she never shows. Like the sign Taurus, she isn’t very vocal about her emotions. Although she has a stoic demeanor, she is also very giving and loving to everyone who lives in the house (as most Tauruses are to their besties). Her heart has gone through some major ups and downs that have left her heartbroken until recently, which makes her wanting love like the tenacious fixed sign. 

3. Gemini: Judge Curtis Wilson 

Judge Curtis Wilson is a dualistic character from the show, which makes him resonate with the sign Gemini. She is a conservative judge who Callie often has conflicting feelings about. However, there is more to his personal story and that meets the eye in the reasoning of his actions. As we see throughout the show, he does have two juxtaposing and surprising sides to his personality that will rival the innate nature of airy Gemini.

4. Cancer: Davia 

Davia is a true blue Cancer due to her over-emotional and sensitive emotions. She may be tender to the bone, but she does have a heart of gold. Always giving to those in need (just have to think about the Davia and Dennis saga), she is always there for her friends whenever they have a problem or are in the mood to party. Her intuition and confidence are always urging her to step up her dating game and love life as any crab would. 

5. Leo: Lindsay

Lindsay is the actor of the house. She is a talented and creative-minded person, who gives her all to honing her craft and becoming better at the artistic acting work she does. In true Leo form, the standup comedian can be bossy at times and extremely generous to her besties. However, at the core, she is a deeply sensitive person which is how much Leos feel once you strip them away of their ego. 

6. Virgo: Evan

Evan has major Virgo vibes due to his dependability and practicality. He also has OCD and desires perfection in all the work that he does, which Virgos can feel because of all the pressure that they put on themselves. Evan is analytical, like almost every Virgo can be, but he uses his brainpower to improve the path he is on and forge a better foundation for the future — even though he fails at times. 

7. Libra: Jamie

Libras are partnership-oriented people who are in constant want of relationships. From the get-go, Jamie and Callie started to become a thing after he tried to court her, even when they were colleagues trading information. And, he’s been trying to woo her ever since. From living together in his baller apartment to introducing her to his parents to wanting to settle down with Callie—he is a person who wants to connect and love someone special who balances his energies out. 

8. Scorpio: Gael

Gael has an artistic sensitivity that most Scorpios have, which is based on his creative instinctual nature. Loyal to the core, Gael is a person who is always present for all members of the house when they need him as well as his sister. Like all Scorpios, he never leaves the side of those he cares about, even if they push him away. He’ll always be there because that is how a true friend acts. 

9. Sagittarius: Sumi 

The sign Sagittarius is known for its adventurous side and being a free spirit. Sumi is always living and loving in the moment without thinking about the repercussions of her actions (as she is a present-minded person). Sumi is extremely optimistic, idealistic, and positive—which is a trait Sag is known for. Also, it's the reason why she believes in love and giving all to her desirous nature—no matter what past heartbreak has brought her.

10. Capricorn: Callie

Callie gives her all to her professional life, which makes her super invested in her work. Just like the zodiac sign Capricorn, she enjoys the fruits of her labor when having fun with her pals—sometimes too much as she has a tendency in involving colleagues in her personal life and not keeping professional boundaries at the office. But, her dedication to the law is ever-present, as well as her love of her job. 

11. Aquarius: Mariana

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is associated with radical change and rebellion. They’ll always speak out against injustices of any kind. Mariana has a dynamic personality that leads her to take a stand and be a social justice warrior at the workplace against misogynistic undertones. The caveat to Mariana’s high intelligence is that she gets lost in a sea of her emotions (which is how most Aquarians feel due to their airy nature). 

12. Pisces: Dennis

At first, Dennis gives off major player vibes. Upon a deeper look, Dennis is a tender-hearted person who is healing from the loss of his son. Pisces is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, which resonates with the side of Dennis that most don’t see. Underneath the brooding demeanor, lies a person who is in need of a spiritual and emotional reset—even though the road may be long and have bumps. 

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