Who did Georgia end up with in 'Ginny & Georgia'?

As per usual, things get complicated for the Miller matriarch

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Who did Georgia end up with? The Miller matriarch kept us on our toes throughout Ginny & Georgia season 2, that's for sure. 

The dramedy returned to Netflix at the beginning of the year, and it continues to rake in some serious streaming hours two weeks after its premiere. With so much going on in the small town of Wellsbury, particularly in the Miller household, it's easy to see why. 

We're getting reacquainted with young mom Georgia (played by Brianne Howey) and her latest antics, which is no easy feat. Not only are we wrapped up in her love life, but we're pretty curious about her past. ("Who did Georgia kill" is the big question this season—and there are several answers.)

Needless to say, Georgia's multifaceted, but we'll break down all the drama. Season 2 picks up right where the debut season left off: a confused Ginny (Antonia Gentry) trying to grapple with the fact that her mother murdered her step-father to protect her after his abuse. 

Despite the heavy material to digest, we of course tap into the lighter side of things, including romance. Yes, we're all wondering what happens in high school—do Ginny and Marcus get back together—but the head of the fam is truly the one turning heads. 

Fans were hopeful when Georgia reunites with Joe (Raymond Ablack), who she meets as a teen. Young Georgia (Nikki Roumel) first meets young Joe (Yatharth Bhatt) while traveling with a biker gang. They come into contact at a rest stop, and that connection manifests into a friendship 15+ years later when she stumbles upon his cafe in Wellsbury. (He was the one to make mention of the town in the first place!)

"It's fun for me to play Georgia around him because she lets her guard down a little bit. And like she says, she doesn't feel judged by him. And I don't know if there's anything more beautiful than that," Howey revealed to Entertainment Weeklyabout Ablack's character.  

We were definitely sensing some sparks, though they kept their past suppressed. Let's not forget that there are a few other men in Georgia's life, too. 

"I have such a soft spot for [Ginny's father] Zion [Nathan Mitchell] and Paul [Scott Porter]. Especially this season, watching Paul in the house, it's so heartwarming and watching him so persistently try with the kids is so charming," the actor further reveals to EW.

So, which route does she pursue?


Who did Georgia end up with in 'Ginny & Georgia' season 2?

When you reach the Ginny & Georgia ending, you'll realize that aspiring mayor Paul Randolph ultimately steals Georgia's heart, though these two aren't necessarily so clean-cut, and perhaps that's not the fresh start Georgia was looking for. 

"I think there’s an unspoken agreement where he’s saying, 'Look, you might get a little dirty, and I will protect you," Scott Porter [Paul] revealed to The Cut about their relationship. 

Despite it all, Georgia's on her way to a happily-ever-after in a blue wedding dress (everyone's searching for Ginny & Georgia wedding dress dupes now). All seems to go according to plan...until the police show up to arrest Georgia. How's that for a big day? 

From wondering about her love life to wondering about her fate, fans then asked, "Does Georgia go to jail?" There's going to be a lot to digest when Ginny & Georgia season 3 hits screens—relationships, murders and everything in between. Georgia, what will you have in store for us next?

Ginny & Georgia season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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