Who will win Love Island 2021? Here's what we're predicting

Wondering who will win Love Island 2021? We've got some predictions for you

The Love Island 2021 finalists:Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank; Faye Winter and Teddy Soares. Millie Court and Liam Reardon; Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows.
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The big Love Island final is almost upon us, so it's only natural we're trying to anticipate who will win Love Island 2021. 

Following the dumping of Priya and Brett, followed by Mary and Aaron and then Jiberty's dramatic break-up and exit, there are now just four couples left heading into the series finale. The Love Island 2021 finalists are Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank; Millie Court and Liam Reardon; Toby Aromolaran and Chloe Burrows and Faye Winter and Teddy Soares.

Only one couple can take home the £50K and with our opinion of pretty much every islander changing at least ten times this series, it’s hard to predict who will actually win this year's Love Island. 

So who do we think will be crowned winner this winner? Let's dig in...

Who will win Love Island 2021?

Well, according to social media data, Toby and Chloe could be this year's big winners.

Research by Betvictor shows they are the most liked couple with a 71% social media approval rate, followed by Liam and Millie with 57%. 

Jiberty (R.I.P.) followed in third with 55%, while Tyler and Kaz were also close behind with 51%. Interestingly, Teddy and Faye are the most talked-about couple but the least favorite couple in the villa.

The social media data matches our own predictions—our money is on our favorite funny couple, Chloe and Toby, to be crowned winners of Love Island UK 2021. Here's why...

Faye and Teddy

Love Island 2021's Faye Winter and Teddy Teddy Soares during the ‘A Couple of Sorts’ challenge.

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Best moment:

  • Faye and Teddy recoupling after Casa Amor

Worst moment:

  • The argument after the “Mad Movies” challenge

Faye and Teddy have had a seriously rocky ride. It started with the way Faye dumped Teddy after that infamous Casa Amor postcard, then the more recent argument/Faye's screaming match after the "Mad Movies" challenge left the public very divided. Feddy, who were once the public's favorites, are now seen as less likely to win—with even their fellow islanders voting them as the least compatible—even though they now seem to be in a good place as a couple. For this reason, becoming Love Island’s 2021 winners is unlikely. 

Likelihood to win: 6/10

Kaz and Tyler

Love Island 2021's Kaz and Tyler at the talent show.

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Best moment:

  • All the short seconds we get to see them on screen 

Worst moment:

  • Tyler bringing back Clarisse from Casa Amor

Another couple that had a hard time after Casa Amor was Kaz and Tyler. Everyone loves Kaz, so it comes as no surprise that Kaz and Tyler would be favorites to win. However, following their reconciliation, the pair have been going strong, with constant smiles on their faces. Will they be winners? We’re not 100% convinced but they do have a strong chance. 

Likelihood to win: 7/10

Millie and Liam

Love Island 2021's Liam and Millie during the ‘A Couple of Sorts’ challenge.

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Best moment:

  • Liam declaring his love for Millie on stage after the Mabel performance

Worst moment:

  • Everything Liam did at Casa Amor

Millie and Liam were fan favorites for a long time before Casa Amor. Even though they are now back on track and have gone back to being their cute loved-up selves, Liam’s indiscretions at Casa Amor could mean they lose out as winners with many fans still thinking Millie should not have taken Liam back. 

Likelihood to win: 8/10

Chloe and Toby

Love Island 2021's Chloe and Toby during the ‘A Couple of Sorts’ challenge.

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Best moment:

  • Them being parents in the "baby challenge"

Worst moment:

  • Their break up due to Abigail’s arrival/Toby's head-turn

Chloe and Toby have had the rockiest of relationships but fans have definitely warmed up to them. Toby has been all around the houses with who he had feelings for. He began his Love Island journey with Kaz before switching to Chloe, followed by Abigail, then Mary—before deciding his heart was still with Chloe. Since this decision, they’ve gone from strength to strength with Toby becoming a fan favorite and Chloe being seen as a comedy queen. It also helps that Pretty Little Thing have been backing them as their winners. However, some fans can’t forgive them for the way they treated Kaz in the beginning—could this harm their chances?

Likelihood to win: 9/10

Bring on the Love Island finale so we can find out...

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