Relive the 2000s with bubble braids, the latest hair trend to make a resurgence

BRB, pairing our bubble braids with our favorite Abercrombie pieces

woman with bubble braids green background
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The calendar says 2022, but our hearts say 2002. Bubble braids are proof. 

The latest renaissance sweeping social media pages—a new take on the bubble ponytail—provides us with a bold look that requires minimal effort, which is a real win-win if you need results in a pinch. 

If you're anxious to spice things up in the hair department, this fun nod to seventh grade will transport you back to the days of Lip Smackers and Hollister polos. Considering the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Gigi Hadid are rocking these itty, bitty braids, we're inclined to believe they'll soon be everywhere. 

Celebs in bubble braids

Olivia Rodrigo, Gigi Hadid, Doja Cat, Griff, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Tika Sumpter have seemingly perfected the art of the bubble. 

Doja Cat at the 2021 grammys

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wards Presenter Priyanka Chopra Jonas with her husband Nick Jonas attend the EE British Academy Film Awards 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall on April 11, 2021 in London, England.

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Bubble braids on TikTok

Who doesn't appreciate TikTok beauty hacks? (Well, minus the troublesome ones like the lube as face primer trend). The good thing about bubble braids is the fact that there are multiple ways to pull off the look and multiple interpretations. 

You'll notice @kayleesmileyhair section off a small portion of her hair in a little ponytail. From there, she divides the pony into two sections, then flips the braid into the circle she's just created upon splitting her locks. Then with a few twists and turns, she finishes up the "boho" braids with a setting spray. Watch below. 


♬ A-O-K - Tai Verdes

Meanwhile, @breannacohoonhair takes her loose beach waves and divides her strands into two sections. From there, she takes small elastic bands and wraps them a few inches apart from one another, fluffing out the bubble and topping it off with a hat. 


♬ Up Down (Do This All Day) (feat. B.o.B) - T-Pain

Although there is no official "how-to"—the bubble braid is open to being stylized—Kristina Dimoplon, stylist at Live By the Sword Salon in Brooklyn, New York, recommends polishing things off with a texture powder to keep said bubbles in place. 

Between her client's request for chunky highlights and flipped out blowouts, as well as the rise in Y2K love on social media, it appears we're taking a step back in time. 

When commenting on the braids, Dimoplon said, "It's one of those 'everything comes back around' fashion moments. The millennium era is coming back."

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