The funniest 'Succession' memes from season 4

Waystar Royco is the gift that keeps on giving, and these 'Succession' memes are hilarious proof

The funniest 'Succession' memes from season 4. Pictured: Kieran Culkin, Jeremy Strong, Juliana Canfield HBO Succession Season 4 - Episode 2
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Sure, the Emmy-winning HBO hit might be known as a drama, but these Succession memes prove that it's truly a comedy—albeit a black, bleak comedy—at its cold heart. 

Succession season 4, which premiered on HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, March 26, has provided plenty of memorable moments that have been, at times, shocking (that sucker-punch "Connor's Wedding" episode), horribly sad (the balcony blow-up between Shiv and Tom in episode seven) and absolutely hilarious (pretty much any scene involving Cousin Greg). 

The world of Waystar Royco might not seem the most relatable or sympathetic one—there are truly awful rich people, after all—and yet we still find ourselves cracking up at their snarky quips and messy hijinks on the regular. The characters' famously brutal one-liners and bloated business-speak have proven to be great fodder for fans on social media—no surprise, given that the series regularly dominates award-show writing categories—who turn some of Succession's best scenes into truly funny memes on Instagram and Twitter. 

Ahead of the big Succession finale to come on Sunday, May 28 (how will Succession end? Fans have theories), let's distract ourselves from the end with the funniest memes of season 4 so far, from Roman and Gerri's scorcher of a fight to Kendall's laughably earnest product launch. 

The funniest 'Succession' memes of season 4 so far:

1. The rich-kid TV crossover we all deserve

2. How we talk after one episode of 'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story'

3. Um, Sir, we have some unfinished business

4. When your gym crush shows up mid-workout

5. Retailers resurrecting fashion from the early 2000s

6. Us after a messy margarita weekend

7. It's giving Lizzie McGuire

8. Rihanna checking into the Met Gala red carpet every year

9. We're *still* not over that Princess Diana pixie cut

10. Okay but Logan Roy = way scarier than the Demogorgon

11. Like Tom, we're always in need of a little nap

12. Us watching a Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras concert

13. BRB, marking out our calendars for a post-finale cry session

Succession season 4 airs on Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO and HBO Max, with the series finale set for Sunday, May 28. 

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