Paula Abdul made a surprise cameo on Netflix's 'Bling Empire'—here's why

Well, we didn't see this one coming...

A collage of Anna Shay and Paula Abdul
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If you've watched Bling Empire season two, you'll know there are a few celebrities we can spot here and there. While we were hoping for a Selling Sunset crossover that never happened, we did get another huge moment—the one and only Paula Abdul makes a surprise cameo! 

Why was Paula Adbul on 'Bling Empire'?

Paula walked into a dinner hand in hand with Anna Shay, and everyone in the room was very surprised—including Kim Lee, who says "She's a Gemini like me!"

While everyone picks up their jaws from the floor, Anna explained why the pop icon made it to their soirée. 

"Paula and I met many years ago. We bumped into each other again through a very dear friend of both of ours and it was like time didn't go by", she said. 

Paula's grand entrance interrupted the tense moment when Kane was about to get into Chèrie and Jessey's drama. Kim even said: "I thought World War III was going to happen between Chèrie and Kane and then Paula Abdul walks in. I swear, only with this group."

While Jaime fangirled over Paula's nails and blazer, Kane also added: "Everyone is so happy that Paula is here but nothing has been resolved."

Other celeb cameos on 'Bling Empire' season two

While we, much like the Bling Empire cast, were very surprised to see Paula, she's not the only celeb we spotted. Here are the other famous faces who were part of the show—or at least mentioned...

Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan is a half British, half Chinese actor who has appeared on Netflix's Wu AssassinsDeadpool 2 and Mortal Kombat. He appears on Bling Empire during a birthday lunch for photographer Yu Tsai. He tells Kevin he's friends with Kim, but during the lunch, he actually seemed to have his eye on another Bling Empire cast member—Jaime Xie. 

Nicky and Kathy Hilton

Not a cameo per se, but both ladies are mentioned by members of the cast. Nicky is friends with Dorothy Wang, who mentions she was scared to meet Christine Chiu util the Hilton heiress said she really likes her.

Right at the end of season two, Christine herself is speaking to the camera when her phone starts ringing and it's Kathy Hilton. 

Let's hope we get Bling Empire season three comes with more celeb spotting...

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