Rihanna stuns with a red eyeliner look—here's how to copy the bold eye

But be warned: red eyeliner looks are not for the faint of heart!

Rihanna 2017 Red Carpet
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Eternal bad girl RiRi is living up to her moniker with red eyeliner looks that are as rebellious as they are chic. In typical Rihanna fashion, the singer-turned-entrepreneur pulls off the punk rock look effortlessly. 

While some of us are still mastering eyeshadow for beginners (no judgment), the "Diamonds" singer is taking things to a fiery new level. One of her new Instagram Stories details the makeup application process, and it's giving us a hankering for a bold eye look. 

Just keep your fingers crossed that we don't end up looking like Pennywise while attempting!

How to copy Rihanna's red eyeliner looks:

What did we tell ya? Pretty intense!

Though this is certainly not a look for everyday wear—it might not be ideal for your return to the office—it's great for fun, exciting events with friends. But since it can be tricky to master, we spoke to a professional about how to master the red eyeliner hacks so your look is more Rihanna and less killer clown. 

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Rules for wearing red eyeliner looks:

"If you're going to use a bold color, stick to that color," says makeup artist and My Zen Den founder Alexandria Gilleo. "I wouldn't use too many bold colors at once." 

But, perhaps more important than the eyeliner or the color are your eyes themselves. If you're feeling sleep-deprived, it might not be an opportune time to experiment with the rock 'n roll look.

"When using a bold color, you want to make sure you're awakening your eyes, so maybe use an ice roller [and] use an eyelash curler to get them lifted," Gilleo further suggests.

Her other tips and tricks for mastering the red look? 

  • Apply eye makeup before any other facial makeup 
  • Make sure your eyeliner pencil is "super sharp" 
  • Keep a small Q-tip applicator handy 
  • Use eye drops if necessary 

How to perfect the reverse cat eye:

The reverse cat eye, unsurprisingly, rose to fame on social media. It's one of the coolest TikTok beauty hacks to gain traction as of late, and it's not terribly difficult to master. (But we suggest practicing before attempting.)

TikTok user @paintedbyspencer provided some insight on the latest trend: 

  • Tackle the upper lid first 
  • Run a gel liner through your waterline, and don't forget the corners
  • Put eye shadow on a detailed brush to diffuse the edges

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Ready to give it a try yourself? Someone tell Taylor Swift, red enthusiast—she will definitely want in on this, too! 

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