Pixi Beauty Balm review: how good is this pigment packed BB cream?

Pixi Beauty Balm Review – Here's everything you need to know about this longwear BB cream that offers long term skincare benefits

Pixi Beauty Balm Review
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My Imperfect Life Verdict

Available in an impressive amount of shades and containing a potent blend of skincare actives and concealing pigments, this BB is the perfect fusion of skincare and colour cosmetics.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Wide shade range

  • +

    Longwear formula

  • +

    Skincare benefits

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Coverage resembles that of a foundation

  • -

    No SPF

As you’ll see from our Pixi Beauty Balm review, we’re big fans. This BB cream has impressive skincare grade ingredients that provide long term benefits, offering the wearer more than just colour correction. The velvety textured base has a medium to full coverage and is formulated to keep skin hydrated all day long, even out skin tone and smooth for a flawless finish. This is all thanks to gold standard actives like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, plus yeast derived adenosine, and chamomile. While there is no SPF, it does come in an impressive range of colours when compared with other BB creams on the market, plus it mixes well with an SPF if so desired, which is why it came out on top when tested against a host of other BB cream formulas


The recommended RRP for this BB is $29/£22, which is a tad on the high side of BB cream prices, but the skincare-packed formula makes it worth the investment. The price doesn’t tend to vary across stockists but many of them offer discounts at multiple times during the year. Most notably on Black Friday, and during the Christmas period. 

The packaging

Sunlight and heat can break down active ingredients, accelerating the aging of a product. While some packaging is created to protect the formula inside, the tube that houses Pixi’s Beauty Balm isn’t made from a heat or UV protective material. Because of this, it’s best to store this BB cream out of direct sunlight and far from any heat source, like say your bathroom radiator. The tube is ergonomically pleasing, and the airtight pump is easy to use and convenient - as one pump equals one ‘dose’. The lid is also airtight to ensure that oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide don’t make their way into the tube and break down the active skincare ingredients. After use, it’s best to place the pump down to ensure that the formula is ready and waiting at the base of the pump for quick and easy dispensing next time round.

The Formula

Available in six shades ranging from creamy white to espresso, this blendable richly pigmented medium to full coverage formula has a velvety texture and is made up of a plethora of skincare actives.

Ceramides, the fat found on the uppermost layers of the skin, help form the skin barrier and protect it from environmental aggressors like irritants, and pollution. They also help the skin retain moisture and without them, skin can become dry, itchy and irritated. We do naturally produce ceramides, but their levels can deplete rapidly due to exposure to hot water, soaps, chemicals and environmental factors. This is why replenishing them by way of your skincare can make a huge difference to the look of your skin. 

Another active present that’s naturally produced by the body is much-lauded hyaluronic acid (HA). Made from amino acids and sugar molecules, it acts as a natural ‘humectant’ - meaning that it draws water to itself. It can hold a thousand times its weight in water and help keep skin hydrated, but just like our ceramide supply, it’s beneficial to boost numbers topically. The hydrating nature of HA also helps stop the pigment within the formula from oxidising and fading during the day. And if that wasn’t enough, this hardworking ingredient supports tissue structure too, resulting in smoother firmer skin. 

To further ramp up the smoothing effects of this BB cream, yeast-derived adenosine has been added. Essentially, it’s a signalling molecule that relaxes skin cells, reducing contractions that lead to lines and wrinkles. Studies show that the inclusion of this ingredient within skincare can lead to faster anti-ageing results, then using collagen building ingredients alone.  

To round out this skin-friendly BB, there’s the addition of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chamomile. Just as it calms the mind, lowers stress, and soothes upset tummies, it also works wonders at relieving skin irritation, reducing redness and boosting skin health for a radiant, lit-from-within complexion.

Pixi Beauty Balm

(Image credit: Pixi)

How to use

Pixi recommends you apply this hybrid buy directly over your skincare or primer. However, we found that while the formula keeps skin hydrated, what skincare and how much you use before application depends on your skin type. Dry skin may well benefit from a moisturiser pre application, while normal skin might only need a serum, and oily skin types might want to use a serum followed by a mattifying primer. For protection against harmful rays, we’d suggest mixing with an SPF too. When it comes to application, the best method is to start at the centre of the face working outwards - don’t forget to use it on the neck, and out onto the ears to create a seamless finish. We liked using our fingers for a sheer veil that’s more akin to a traditional BB finish, but for medium coverage, a long fluffy nylon bristle brush used in a sweeping motion works a treat. If you’re after a fuller coverage to conceal pigmentation, scarring, redness or acne, use a sponge or a foundation brush with dense hairs and a compact head, pushing the pigment into the skin using small circular movements.

Pixi Beauty Balm review: is this BB cream worth your money?

This BB stays put all day, leaves skin smooth with an even tone, and over time skin looks and feels more hydrated sans BB too. Multitasking, hybrid beauty that gives wearers the opportunity to show off their skin is the ethos that lies at the heart of the Pixi brand. This is why they have got this BB so right, despite it not containing an SPF like traditional BBs. The ability to tailor the coverage to your needs, the multiple skincare benefits, superior staying power and choice of shades more than makes up for this slight deviation from the norm. We loved that the ingredient list read like a covetable serum, and that it had multiple long term skincare benefits as well as instantly visible ones. The velvety formula felt like a second skin, even when worn at full coverage and it suits a range of skin types and an even further range of concerns from redness, and lines, to acne.