Eco-friendly Christmas gifts: 17 options for sustainable giving this festive season

The best eco-friendly Christmas gifts can still be pretty and stylish as well as practical and environmentally friendly—here are our top picks

three of the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts, Veja trainers, a cookbook, and a Chilly's bottle against a pink background
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It has never been easier to shop for eco-friendly Christmas gifts. More and more of us are committing to a sustainable lifestyle in order to help do our bit to save the environment—and thankfully, many more brands have been doing the same. Because that's where the real change happens, right?  

From high street retailers to independent businesses and giant fashion houses, sustainable fashion, beauty and interiors have been on the rise in the last few years. And although there is still a way to go, it's far easier now to shop consciously for the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones, whilst still buying gifts that they'll love. Of course, the most sustainable option is to reuse and repurpose what they already have to hand. But if you're keen to buy your family and friends something new for the festive season, that they can enjoy for years to come, buying the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts is a smart choice.

And if you're worried about the possible limitations of sustainable purchases, don't be! We've rounded up plenty of eco-friendly products that are just as good (or even better) than the alternatives you may be used to. From jewelry to coffee, to fashion and beauty, there are a wealth of gifts to choose from no matter who you're buying for. And while it's great to buy small, you'll find some notable brands below too, including Pangaia, Girlfriend Collective, and Monica Vinader. So whether you're looking for presents for your family, or gifts for your boyfriend ahead of 25 December, why not do so while saving the planet? 

17 Eco-friendly Christmas gifts

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts don't need to be all-practical, no fun. Nowadays, there are plenty of eco-friendly present ideas that are barely discernible from gifts that aren't so good for the environment. You can now get fashion, jewelry and beauty essentials that are eco-friendly—even at some of your favorite stores and retailers too!

Where to buy eco-friendly Christmas gifts in the US

Where to buy eco-friendly Christmas gifts in the UK

17 best eco-friendly Christmas gifts


1. Pangaia, Organic Cotton Pajama Shirt

RRP: $83/£63

We are obsessed with the brand here at My Imperfect Life—just read our Pangaia review for our verdict! The PJ shirt is made from naturally renewable resources; mostly seaweed, eucalyptus, and organic cotton. Plus it's treated with natural peppermint oil, to keep the garment fresher for longer—and therefore, wearable for longer. The cotton pajama shirt comes in three different colors, Jade Green (pictured), Orchid Purple and Apple Red and long pajama trousers too.


2. BEEN London, Islington Backpack (UK only)

RRP: £240

This incredibly on-trend multi-functional backpack can be worn with pretty much anything, which is why it's one of the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts. Featuring a sleek design made from luxury sustainable materials, the versatility of this bag reigns supreme; seeing you from the gym to work, and even a weekend away, in a suitably stylish manner. 


3. Celtic & Co. Sheepskin Mule Slippers

RRP: $120/£68

We dare you to find eco-friendly Christmas gifts comfier than these! Made from carefully selected British sheepskin, these slippers by leading sustainable brand Celtic & Co. are just what you need after a long day. Made from natural and sustainable fibers, they're stylish but most importantly, they're soft, warm and comfy for days and nights spent tucked up at home.


4. Adidas by Stella McCartney Long Training Puffer Jacket

RRP: $280/£330 

When it comes to sustainability, Stella McCartney appears to be doing all the right things—this puffer jacket from her collaboration with Adidas is yet another example. It has been 'consciously crafted' from Primegreen fabric, which McCartney say are "a series of high-performance recycled materials". We're certainly into the clean and long line shape of this puffer jacket. It also comes in slight variations—long and black, cropped in black and cropped in khaki too. 


5. Battle Green Eco Friendly Zero Waste Starter Kit

RRP: $24.38/£20.95

If you're shopping for someone who's determined to be more environmentally friendly in their daily lives, this set will help them to kickstart their plastic-free journey with ease.

Inside is an organic produce bag, a bamboo cutlery set, a bamboo straw and cleaner, and an organic cotton string shopping bag. According to the seller, you could even get the set gift-wrapped in organic reusable cotton gift wrap!


6. Everlane The Cashmere Crew Sweatshirt 

RRP: $145/£153

Everyone needs a cashmere sweatshirt in their wardrobe, especially now that we're officially in winter. Cashmere is good for the environment as it is long-lasting, meaning this piece should last in your wardrobe for years and years to come. This eco-friendly one by Everlane is the ultimate loungewear piece, available in multiple colors and super comfy. 


7. Girlfriend Collective Compressive Purple High-Rise Leggings

RRP from: $78/£65

Girlfriend Collective is known for its amazing sustainable activewear and its compressive purple high-rise leggings are one of the brand's most popular items. Not only are they created with comfortable material and have an extensive size range, but the leggings are made with a “recycled high-stretch fabrication” that features a “4-way stretch” suited for an active lifestyle.


8. Pela eco-friendly phone case

RRP: $59.95/£44.95

If you're after a Secret Santa present or want something that's affordable, cheerful and sustainable for a stocking present, then the Pela eco-friendly phone case is just what you need. The cases are available in different colors, durable enough to protect your phone from drops and scratches and are also 100% compostable.


9. A sustainable coffee subscription

RRP: Varies

There are a wide variety of sustainable coffee subscriptions that would make for the ideal gift for a loved one who can't go a day without a cup of the good stuff. The beans supplied in a sustainable coffee subscription are usually ethically source, and the packaging itself is generally recyclable or compostable. 

And you, as the gift-giver, can decide how long you want to send the monthly delivery of coffee to your loved one—be it one month, six months or (if you're feeling flush) a year. We've shared two options you could pick up below...


10. Tropical Toucan Eco Friendly Reusable Face Pad Gift Set

RRP: $22.70/£19.50

We all know that makeup wipes are one of the worst things in our beauty kits for the environment—so why not allow a makeup-wearing loved one the chance to ditch them for good, with this reusable face pad set, which makes for a great wellness gift?

The homemade gift, which comes in a fun tropical design, includes five reusable face pads, five reusable face wipes, a reusable face cloth and an-all natural soap too, for good measure.


11. Monica Vinader Geometric Gemstone Wire earrings

RRP: $85/£85

These stunningly chic earrings are a fabulous choice if you're shopping for jewelry for a loved one. Monica Vinader is one of favorite sustainable jewelry brands, and for good reason.

Made with recycled 18ct gold-plated vermeil sterling silver and onyx, they're perfect proof that you can still shop both sustainably and stylishly!


12. VEJA trainers

RRP: From $175/£100

VEJA is one of the most sustainable sneaker brands around, ensuring they use fair trade and organic raw materials (such as the cotton their shoes are made from), and is also B Corp certified, which signifies the companies with the highest levels of social and environmental transparency and performance.

Not only that, but their sneakers are some of the most stylish around, with most created in a simple white color with the signature 'V' on the side in different colors. There are high tops and regular sneakers on offer, as well as shoes for running and hiking. So you're bound to find something at Veja that your gift recipient could make use of!


13. One: Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones cookbook

RRP: $18.99/£13

This sustainable cookbook was a smash hit when it was launched in 2021, and it's just as popular—and relevant—now as it was then. The concept of this Anna Jones cookbook is to help you cook 'quickly, sustainably, and stylishly', creating meals that only use one pot or pan, and cooking in a way helps to reduce waste in order to support the planet.

Some of the recipes your lucky person giftee can look forward to include a creamy baked dahl, tahini broccoli on toast, and a warming lentil soup. Within the book, Anna also shares advice on eating sustainably; from seasonal vegetable picking to meal planning.


14. ESPA Restorative Candle 410g

RRP: $112/£55

There's nothing better than a scented candle—and even better if it's an eco-friendly option! ESPA's Restorative Candle is made with a 100% natural soy wax blend, and is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council in the UK. It's made with a collection of soothing essential oils, including Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange and Lavender, for a relaxing scent that will leave you—and your loved one—both calm and energized.


15. Chilly's reusable bottle

RRP: From $25/£20

Nothing says eco-friendly like never buying a plastic bottle of water again—and if you gift a loved one a Chilly's bottle, they'll never need to! Most Chilly's water bottles can hold up to 500ml of liquid, although some are bigger and can hold up to 750ml worth. Thanks to the stainless steel interior, it can keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours—and it can even hold hot drinks too, which Chilly's claim will stay warm for up to 12 hours. Ideal for those freezing winter mornings!


16. Sookdeo Dispenser Refillable Bottles

RRP: $22.99/£23.99

Both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, these refillable bottles for your kitchen (or bathroom), come pre-labeled for your hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. We love that the labels make these look like a superior premium product. But not only will they guarantee an oh-so-stylish uniformity in your more functional rooms, but they'll also help your recipient to save on plastic from buying new bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc. Instead, they can visit sustainable stores for refills if they wish, saving on the plastic from bottles that you cant't reuse. 

You can also purchase these with our without a wall mount, so the person you're gifting doesn't need to think about it—ideal!


17. WWF Adopt an Animal

RRP: From £3/From $25

If you're searching for a Christmas gift for the animal lover in  your life, there's no better option than to gift them an adoption of a wild animal—from elephants, snow leopards, turtles and gorilla, there are a huge number of animals who the World Wildlife Fund need our help to conserve. 

You can choose which animal to 'adopt', and any fund you pay (you can choose a monthly amount from £3 in the UK) will go directly to conservation projects around that animal. In the US, you can also choose your animal, and your recipient will get a certificate of adoption with a photo of their animal on the back. It's a really touching and important way to give back.

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