12 of the best wellness gifts to treat your loved ones to this season

Wellness gifts are the perfect, relaxing pick-me-up for your friends and family members during the festive season—here are our fave picks to shop now

A selection of wellness gifts from Barbara Sturm, Amazon, Hayo'u method, NEOM and Slip Silk
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Few things say that you care quite like wellness gifts. You're quite literally giving people a way to look after themselves in a box. With everything going on in the world, and the hecticness of everyday life, we all deserve some self-care treats to help us recharge our batteries and relax. 

We're now in the midst of the holiday season, which means 'tis the season of gift-giving—so we're all on the hunt for the very best Christmas gifts for our loved ones! And if you're struggling for ideas for gifts for your girlfriend, gifts for your boyfriend, or gifts for any friends and relatives, a wellness gift is a thoughtful, works-for-all present that anybody would love; especially if you have a loved one who could particularly do with taking some time out to look after themselves.

From soothing essential oils to create a balanced atmosphere, to journals that can calm the buzz of your mind, or soothing candles to help you feel relaxed and at ease, the list of Christmas wellness gifts that are perfect for some much-needed self-care is endless. Here are a few of our favorites for 2022.

The best wellness gifts for Christmas to shop right now

Wellness gifts are a great idea for anyone you're buying for—even if you've got some loved ones who think that wellness is "woo-woo" or about restriction and unachievable goals.

Really, wellness means whatever you want it to; what it all boils down to finding a way to look after yourself, and your mental and physical health, however best works for you. So whether your loved one deems their path to wellness a night in with a candle, or time exploring their innermost thoughts by journaling, there are options for them below.

Where to buy wellness gifts in the US

Where to buy wellness gifts in the UK

12 wellness gifts to stock up on for Christmas


1. Twist-Strap Sheepskin Slider Slippers

RRP: $95/£65

Have your recipient step into the new year on the comfiest feet with these super-plush, faux-fur sider slippers from The White Company. 

You could even combine them with a nice soft robe or a pair of the best pajamas for one of the best cozy gifts—and of course, they'll last all year round, too.


2. HAYO'U Jade Body Comb 

RRP: $63/£42

If you or someone you love enjoys a head-to-toe wellness tool, then do them a favor and gift them this Gua Sha scraping massage tool and scalp treatment comb. Made with 100% Xiujan jade, this gua sha tool hits all the right spots, and it'll help improve your hair and scalp health too.


3. Jane Austen Tarot Deck

RRP: From $8.59/£12.90

Wellness is a well-rounded concept, so we've also included some gifts that suit spiritual loved ones—and what better than a Tarot deck inspired by the author of some of literature's best reads? Dip into divination and explore your future with the help of Jane Austen characters like Elizabeth Bennet and Elinor Dashwood. 


4. NEOM Organics Scent to De-Stress Diffuser

RRP: $43.50/£38

Know somebody who is trying to bring their stress levels down? Not only is this luxurious diffuser a lovely gift but it'll scent their home with the relaxing aromas of lavender, jasmine, and rosewood for up to 12 weeks. If you're feeling extra generous, it's also available in both single and three-wick candles. 


5. Dr. Barbara Sturm The Body Brush

RRP: $40/£30

A great stocking filler for the bath lovers in your life, this natural-bristle brush can be used as an in-shower scrub aid or as a dry massage tool. Because what's better than gifting someone the smoothest, softest skin of their life? Cruelty-free and GMO-free, eco-friendly Christmas gifts don't come more stylish than this.


6. Slip Silk Pillowcase

RRP from: $105/£85 

Put some beauty in beauty sleep with this chic silk pillowcase from Slip, which is a cult wellness favorite for a reason! It's made from 100% premium Mulberry silk, which helps to prevent friction and split ends in your 'do and reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin—plus, it'll help you to get a great night's sleep too.


7. Neal's Yard Remedies Dreamy Nights Sleep Duo

RRP: $13.80/£10

Sleep is an integral part of our well-being, and this set is designed to help you get the most out of your nighttime shut-eye.

Within the set is a pillow mist and "Relaxation Remedies to Roll" essential oil roller ball, for your wrists and neck. Both emit a soothing natural lavender scent to help you unwind at the end of the day—and the best part? This wellness gift is super affordable, making it an ideal stocking filler or gift for a co-worker.


8. StylPro Beauty Fridge

RRP: $90.73/£54.99

Got a skincare enthusiast on your to-buy-for list? A dedicated beauty fridge, like this chic white and rose gold option from StylPro, will take their self-care game to new heights. 

With this gadget they can stash all of their favorite serums, moisturizers and oils away, from their best vitamin C serum to their best retinol serum.


9. Moleskine Wellness Journal

RRP: $29.95/£26.99

Designed to become a permanent and uniquely customized record of your fitness, nutrition and wellness journey, this journal is the perfect way to kick off your 2023. 

As well as providing four structured sections, allowing you to keep a record of your personal goals, fitness, diet, health and self-care progress, the journal includes nutrition tips, exercises to increase muscle mass and practical fitness facts. A seriously useful wellness gift!


10. Bose Sleepbuds II

RRP: $249/£229.95

These may look like headphones, but they are in fact sleep buds. Clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, the clever technology here doesn't play music, but delivers relaxing and noise-masking sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

So, if you know someone who suffers from insomnia or has trouble sleeping, you could become their favorite person after gifting them this.


11. Illumer 'Calm' Wellness Candle

RRP: $19.85/£14

Designed specifically to help you de-stress and relax, the candle is a calming blend of eucalyptus and geranium paired with peppermint and cinnamon. It aims to ease nerves and create an overall positive aroma, all while maintaining a lovely, long-lasting scent.

It's one of the best wellness gifts for anyone with a hectic day-to-day life who needs to unwind. Oh, and did we also mention it comes with an optional personalized cotton bag where you can add your own message for your recipient?


12. Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops (US only)

RRP: $35

Give the gift of hemp-derived relaxation with these yummy gumdrops, infused with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and the festive flavors of sugarplums and ginger. 

Here's to a calmer year ahead!

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