These Coachella hair trends are about to be everywhere this summer—from 'milk tea' blonde to pops of pink

These are the Coachella hair trends having a major moment, according to the experts...

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These are all the Coachella hair trends set to make waves this summer, from bob hairstyles to latte-inspired blonde hues...

If you're on the hunt for a new look or festival-ready hairstyle, why not turn to one of the most iconic music events of all time for inspo? So far, the Coachella outfits alone have provided a ton of styling cues for our summer capsule wardrobes—from sheer dresses to denim maxi skirts—and the hair looks are proving to be a very similar story.

Aside from the already trendy bobs (ala Hailey Bieber) and copper shades making an appearance at the festival, a number of other hair trends have also made their debut, many of which experts predict could have a major moment this summer. So, for anyone feeling tempted by a new summer do, these are the Coachella hair trends to keep on your radar...

From Rosalía's ruffled outfit to Hailey Bieber's yellow eyeliner, Coachella is once again providing us with some clues as to what summer 2023 has in store, especially in the hair department.

In fact, according to Jason Collier, celebrity hairstylist and Jerome Russell Brand Educator, icy, platinum blondes are out, making way for warmer, milkier shades. Meanwhile, we might also start seeing more pops of pink and the return of '90s-esque liquid hair...

'Milk Tea' blonde

"Milk Tea Blonde is the latest, hottest shade of blonde brewing up an interest on TikTok," Collier says and if you need a visual, BLACKPINK's Rosé has been rocking the creamy look lately. 

Detailing the look further, Collier says: "Originating from the delicious bubble tea, this blonde shade is quite cool tone and ashy and can be adjusted to suit different skin tones."

2. Vanilla Latte blonde

'Vanilla latte' blonde is another golden hue gaining traction, Collier says that this shade: "captures that super light blonde without being bright, cool or even ash; existing in a milky, vanilla-y, creamy tone between warm and cool that suits all skin types."

The look is similar to the vanilla almond butter hair trend that had TikTok in a chokehold in 2021 and is perfect for a beachy look.

3. The cool-girl bob

Of course, the Italian bob is still having a major moment, with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey opting for the look.

Summer is the perfect time to go short and there's no shortage of celebrity hair references to take with you on your next salon trip!

4. Curly up do

While blonde shades are definitely having their moment in the sun (literally, because apparently, they'll be everywhere this summer), curly updos are also set to be a popular look in the coming months. 

Collier says: "We all love a summer updo and Shay Mitchell's curly updo is a dream." To recreate her effortless look, Collier says: "If you have naturally curly hair you can lock in those curls with a curl jelly, for a strong hold but lighter consistency that won't weigh the hair down."

If you're curling your locks, be sure to use heat protection and if you want your curls to last all day, Collier recommends applying a mousse, like this Morrocan Oil Curl Control Mousse from Sephora, after styling, as this "will hold in the style for longer."

5. Sleek hair

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'90s-inspired sleek hair is also set to have a renaissance, as Collier notes: "Sleek and straight hair never goes out of style."

To avoid hair damage, be sure to use a heat protection spray, like this one from Living Proof, available at Sephora, if you're using heat tools. Then Collier recommends using a "smoothing spray, or gel, and hairspray to control any flyaways, edges, and to stop any impending frizz."

6. Pops of pink

Pink hair is also making a comeback for summer, or should we say 'pops of pink,' as debuted by model Alessandra Ambrosio's Coachella look.

Collier notes: "Pink hair always comes back during the summer months, it's just such a cheery color."

If you're wanting to achieve this colorful look, Collier says: "To create the pops of pink, it’s incredibly important to have a super clean light base, as a super light blonde allows you to play around with different tones. This might entail some bleaching, or color lifting if you're starting with dark hair."

He also shared a pro tip for maintaining your vibrant, pinky hues: "Cold water is key when rinsing the hair to maintain the color, if the water is too hot it will open up the hair cuticles resulting in loss of color. Also, aim to cut hair washing days in half—this will protect the color further."

7. Barbie blonde

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Naturally, with the long-awaited Barbie movie slated for release in July, Barbiecore is having a big moment—from hot pink clothes to Barbie-inspired blonde shades!

Collier says: "Barbie Blonde is bright and beautiful so is often seen as an empowering shade—just as Barbie has been seen for over the decades. Barbie Blonde can take a bit of maintenance, but it's a shade that suits all skin tones and gives a more relaxed feel to blonde hair that can be dressed up if the occasion permits."

If you're transitioning from dark brunette to blonde, or lightening your hair in any way, Collier recommends using purple pigmented shampoos for toning, and masks as "bleached hair will always require extra TLC."

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