Genius moisturizer hacks, straight from an expert, to up your skincare routine

Bet you never thought of these moisturizer hacks before!

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Achieving a healthy glow isn't always easy. Fortunately, moisturizer hacks from an expert will help you become a skincare scholar. Ready to shine?

First thing's first, you'll want to uncover how to choose moisturizer for your skin. Everyone's needs are different, and products cater to distinct skincare demands, so make sure you're shopping accordingly. (Psst: Sephora's 2022 Spring Savings Event is the perfect excuse to stock up.)

Once you've chosen all the goodies you'd like for your routine, you'll want to give our guide on how to apply moisturizer a once-over, followed by our 101 on skincare product order

Once you've felt as though you've mastered this introductory overview, it's time to make your way over to the master class. Allow Natasha Suri, beauty expert at Herbal Essentials, to help you achieve next-level results.

The best moisturizer hacks, straight from an expert

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1. Add tanning drops for a sun-kissed glow

Snag one of your favorite TikTok self-tanning drops and prepare to experiment. If you want to glow, why not try mixing products for an even application?

"Tanning drops can be inserted directly into your moisturizer to create a subtle bronzed look and works as a semi-permanent tinted moisturizer for everyday use," Suri says. 

For those who want a minimal glow, try adding a drop or two. If you want to look like you just returned from the beach or a trip abroad (explore the best places for solo travel while you're at it), opt for three or four drops. The good thing about these drops is that they work with just about any moisturizer, including the cult favorite Origins GinZing Moisturizer

"Same with any tan, ensure you prep your skin by exfoliating and cleansing and make sure to let your skin dry completely before putting clothes on to avoid any stains," Suri advises.

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2. Opt for Himalayan water-infused products

It's all in the details, folks, and Himalayan super water has been proven to hydrate even the driest skin. 

"The ingredient has been clinically proven to visibly support skin cell turnover to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion," Suri says. 

Its three powerhouse ingredients—calcium, magnesium and potassium—help catapult Himalayan super water to superstar status. 

Herbal Essentials, Brightening Cream with Liquorice Root Extract and Aloe Vera (£12)

Herbal Essentials, Brightening Cream with Liquorice Root Extract and Aloe Vera (£12)

3. Mix liquid highlighters with your moisturizer

Want to nail the dolphin skin trend? It's go-time. When you add a few drops—emphasis on a few—of liquid highlighter to your moisturizer, you'll look summer-ready in no time. 

"This creates a ‘glass skin’ look and will leave your skin feeling brighter and dewy throughout the whole day," Suri says. 

Just don't forget to top the look off with your favorite pair of sunglasses.

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4. Apply moisturizer to damp skin

"Applying moisturizer to damp skin helps to lock in hydration and for the ingredients to set into your skin, it’s much easier to penetrate than dry skin," Suri says. 

But that certainly doesn't mean you should follow suit for the rest of your routine—quite the opposite, in fact. 

"You shouldn’t apply all of your skincare onto damp skin. Products which include heavy-duty ingredients such as retinol could work too hard and cause irritation," Suri warns. 

5. Apply moisturizer over your jawline

When applying creams, serums and even cosmetics, it's not uncommon to overlook a few areas. Suri suggests showing skin beyond the jawline some extra love. 

"You can use your everyday moisturizer to hydrate your neck and decolletage too," she says. 'Facial skincare is packed full of ingredients which target issues such as dark spots, which your regular body lotion doesn’t."

Happy to have these tips in your back pocket? Use 'em to your advantage!

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