When is the spring equinox? We can't wait to embrace this 'rejuvenating' time

Expect renewed energy, motivation and outward focus, according to astrologers

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When is the spring equinox? Get ready for a breath of fresh air—literally and astrologically. 

Now that the Pluto return is behind us and the cosmically curious don't need to concern themselves with the next Mercury retrograde until May, spring is the center of attention, and rightfully so. 

"The spring equinox is a special day, as it's the first day of spring, the first day of Aries season and the first day of the astrological new year," says astrologer Nina Kahn. "It's a time of renewed energy, motivation and outward focus, so reach out to friends and start putting a fire under your personal goals."

Embrace the energy of that beloved fire sign and get ready for some much-needed revitalization. And, though it goes without saying, make sure to add a new dress to your capsule wardrobe, too. No, it has nothing to do with astrology, but who doesn't love a fun new outfit?

When is the spring equinox 2022?

We know you've secured one of the best planners stationery stores have on shelves, so make sure to circle the spring equinox: March 20, 2022. On this date, the sun will ingress in Aries, which brings bold energy to the forefront. It promises to be one of the most significant March astrology events

"Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning it's one of the initiators of the zodiac, so the refreshing and fiery solar energy that aligns with the spring equinox inspires us to start new projects, set fresh intentions and start picking up the pace in our lives," Kahn says. 

In a sense, you'll be emerging from hibernation and parting ways with hygge home decor. (It's time, folks.)  

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What to expect from the spring equinox 2022

Want to kickstart a project? Looking to reconnect with loved ones? Now is your chance, as you'll have a spring in your step. The equinox is like a do-over from New Year's Eve, so count on a few mid-year resolutions surfacing. 

"Get motivated to take the lead in your life and set some projects in motion, as the equinox's astrological energy will be especially supportive to new endeavors," Kahn recommends.

March full moon and spring equinox

When is the next full moon? A mere two days before the spring equinox, and it is likely to carry some of its effects over to the anticipated season switch. 

"The spring equinox comes just a few days after a powerful full moon in Virgo on March 18, which will help us cleanse any unnecessary baggage from our lives ahead of the new season," Kahn says. "Use this lunar energy to release anything that's no longer serving you and make room for exciting new endeavors that the spring is sure to bring."

If we're going to embrace all that's ahead, we have to make sure we're not letting anything slow us down, right?

Spring equinox rituals to try

Many cosmic enthusiasts are wondering how to manifest your best life through astrology, use this calendar change as an opportunity. As much as you love that succulent that never needs water, now is the time to start growing flowers and watering your literal (and metaphorical) garden. 

"Try planting a seed in a pot or your garden as a symbol of the energy that you'll put toward nurturing your personal goals," Kahn suggests. "Set an intention as you plant the seed by saying it aloud or writing it down."

If you have your eyes set on that promotion or want to take your relationship to a new level, make it happen. Jot down notes in your journal while flourishing your outdoor space with daisies and sunflowers. 

Kahn continues: "Once the seed is planted, make a list of the action steps you'll take over the coming season to ensure your goals will blossom into reality."

If you need us, we'll be picking out planters from the nursery. We're ready for you, spring!

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