TikTokers are making #homeexchange requests à la 'The Holiday'

Many are hoping a #homeexchange will lead them to a new adventure (and their very own Jude Law)

the holiday a shot of Iris' london cottage
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The festive season has put TikTokers in a romantic state of mind, so much so that they're looking to make The Holiday a reality with the #homeexchange challenge. 

The 2006 film has made its way into the best Christmas movies canon for the best reasons: its sweet premise, gorgeous scenery, heartwarming relationships...and Jude Law. 

Now, in arguably one of the wildest TikTok trends 2021 has gifted us, people who are looking for an escape this winter are putting out a call for those interested in an IRL Iris-Amanda house swap. (Single handsome brother not required, but encouraged.) 

What is 'The Holiday' #homeexchange trend on TikTok?

For those who are unfamiliar with the romcom, it focuses on two jilted women on opposite sides of the world: Amanda, who can't quite get it right in the love department over in Hollywood, and Iris, a Brit who is hopelessly in love with an unavailable colleague. 

The two are so frustrated that they swap spaces, believing that some time on the opposite side of the pond will do them good. That's when Amanda (Cameron Diaz) has the fortunate run-in with Iris' (Kate Winslet's) widower brother (Jude Law).

Confusion, tears and kisses ensue. It's a lovey-dovey flick that people seemingly want to mirror in their own lives. Now, social media users are stepping away from beauty hacks and TikTok recipes to put a call out to trade abodes with someone else on the video-sharing platform, just like Iris and Amanda (who of course did not use TikTok for such an arrangement). 

'The Holiday' #homeexchange examples

One trendy Londoner has given people a sneak peek at her colorful digs and is interested in a January switcheroo. (She selflessly stated that a Jude Law lookalike is not required for the swap.)


Let’s do it The Holiday style, except no love interest expected! It doesn’t have to be fancy! Switch or duet 🥰 #theholiday #homeexchange

♬ The holiday theme - <3

An Australia resident with an impressive book collection is also looking to make the #homeexchange a reality. 


I’m deadly serious. ##houseswap ##theholiday ##vacation ##holiday ##homeexchange

♬ The holiday theme - <3

Then, there's a Las Vegas resident looking to postpone her trade until the spring. Presumably, she has something planned for the holidays already and cannot jet on short notice. 


I’m serious, you can also find us on Airbnb by then. ##homeswap ##homeexchange ##airbnb ##holiday ##vacation ##lasvegas

♬ The holiday theme - <3

Although the idea seems sweet, there are many things to consider before you proceed. 

For one, TikTok is not a certified travel site like Airbnb. There is no guarantee that what you see in the video is what you will get. You don't know what's genuine and what's a ruse, so be incredibly careful before volunteering any personal information or accepting any offer—no matter how enticing it may seem. 

Secondly, traveling at this time does not guarantee health and safety, especially considering the rising cases of the Omicron Covid-19 variant. If Amanda had been looking to make her move in 2021 rather than 2006, she might be hesitant to venture to the UK these days. 

Yes, we all know and love the movie, but don't let its charm trick you into a vacation that might be fabricated. You could arrive in a new location expecting sweet digs and Graham but end up with a sketchy locale and Michael Myers. 

Stay safe out there, TikTokers!

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