Where does 'Ginny & Georgia' take place? Fans have fallen for the show's small-town charm

Where does 'Ginny & Georgia' take place—and is the show's setting the new Stars Hollow?

Where does 'Ginny & Georgia' take place? Everything to know about the show's setting
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It's got small-town charm in spades but exactly where does Ginny & Georgia take place?

We can't resist a quaint New England town and the mother-daughter duos who inhabit them (ahem, Lorelai and Rory), but where does this Netflix series come to life, exactly?

There's plenty going on in the close-knit community, and lots of questions arise throughout the series. Do Ginny and Marcus get back together? What happened to Tom Fuller? What did Abby do to cause tension in "MANG?" And, of course: does Georgia go to jail? (It's always the small town, right?) In a sense, the location is another character in the series alongside the Ginny & Georgia cast

"It's a mother-daughter coming-of-age story and they're both coming of age at the same time, which keeps it really interesting," actor Brianne Howey (Georgia Miller) tells Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab). "They fall apart, put themselves back together, but they're navigating all the complexities of life, the complexities of being a woman, and trying to figure it out in this new town, with new love interests and their finances... There's a lot going on."

Before you pack your weekend bag, here's what you need to know about those Ginny & Georgia filming locations.

Where does 'Ginny & Georgia' take place?

In the series, young mom Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) uproots her two kids to Wellsbury, Massachusetts, to begin anew and escape some trouble from the past she left behind in Texas. The New England setting was first planted into the mind of young Georgia (played by Nikki Roumel) when she crosses paths with a boy named Joe. 

While traveling with a biker gang at 15 years old, Georgia starts a conversation with Joe at a rest stop, during which they discuss their hopes and dreams for the future. Fast forward 15-plus years and Joe (Raymond Ablack) is the owner of the beloved Joe's Blue Farm Café in none other than Wellsbury. Though he and Georgia reunite and pack on some sexual tension—so much so that fans have been asking "Who did Georgia end up with?"—they never truly acknowledge their relationship's beginning.

Where was 'Ginny & Georgia' filmed?

Despite taking place in Massachusetts, Ginny & Georgia wasn't even filmed in the United States. In fact, the show came to life in Canada: the second season was filmed in various locations throughout Toronto and Cobourg, Ontario.

According to our sister site, Woman & Home (opens in new tab), the Miller Family's quaint brick home is actually located in York, Toronto. The town hall we often see in fictional Wellsbury is actually Victoria Hall in Cobourg. When it comes time to catch up with MANG gossip, we venture over to the hallways of Wellsbury High School, which was filmed at the Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute in Rustic, Toronto, which is no longer in use. Joe's coffee shop, in reality, is The El in Cobourg. (For those in the area or planning a visit, the restaurant's truffle fries and fried chicken sandwich look divine.) 

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Is Wellsbury, Massachusetts real?

In Ginny & Georgia, the small town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, is said to be a short distance from real-life locales like Boston and Lexington, however, Wellsbury doesn't actually exist. (We know, it's a bummer.) 

However, you can venture to the Canadian towns where the show was brought to life and get a taste of its quaint, cozy energy...without Georgia's chaos. 

Ginny & Georgia season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. (And while we're at it, here's the scoop on Ginny & Georgia season 3.)

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