The white concealer trend is TikTok's new obsession, but is it worth it?

The pros spill on the white concealer trend and everything you need to know about the look

woman applying concealer, meant to signify white concealer trend on tiktok
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FYPs are getting the white concealer treatment, and the results have certainly been illuminating. 

Eager participants are anxious to test out one of the latest TikTok beauty hacks, but what exactly does this makeup tip ask of us? Are the results worth it?

If you've pondered the likes of the TikTok eyelash curler hack and the TikTok abstract concealer hack, allow this beauty newbie to join the ranks—the pros will tell you everything you need to know.

The white concealer trend on TikTok

Those who frequent #BeautyTok have been starting their cosmetic routines with a generous portion of white concealer underneath their eyes in order to achieve a glowing effect.

Then, after the white concealer has been applied, they'll top everything off with their typical concealer color of choice, and contour a few spots around the nose and between the eyes—a little Picasso action. 

"White concealer" is one of the latest trending hashtags on TikTok with nearly 2 million views, and you've likely seen something below on your page one or two times. 

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Should you try the white concealer hack?

If you're toying with the idea of giving this glowing look a whirl, do note that results may appear a bit different when filters are not in the equation. 

"I am a huge fan of using the least amount of product possible, especially under the eye," says New York City makeup artist Abby Lauren (opens in new tab). "[The trend] may look decent on camera or film, but in-person it probably looks a little terrifying."

This is a style that skews more on the extreme side and is probably appears best when at a distance. Up close, it could feel overwhelming. 

Lauren continues: "You can go a shade or two lighter under the eyes, but then when you use the white, you're essentially using more product than you really need. The more product you use, the more attention you're going to draw to that area. If you have any discoloration under the eye, it's going to show through."

Although Lauren has only given a trick like this a go when attempting makeup for special effects, she does offer ways to achieve that bright look without going overboard. 

"If anything, use a little bit of color corrector under the eye before you tap on a concealer, that's more likely to help."

How to achieve the white concealer look

Alright, so you're dying to try it out for yourself. Fair enough! If you're going to give the white concealer hack your personal spin, proceed with caution. 

"Maybe if you did your own concealer and the tiniest dot of white on top of yours, but I would not go full-on white. Eventually having so much product on, it's going to cake up," Lauren says. 

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Although this might be more suitable for a pass, there are still plenty of ways to up your makeup game. Heck, just a few months ago TikTok's dark circles trend encouraged DIY black spots, so who knows! As long as you're happy with the result and being kind to your skin in the process, you do you. 

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