The best winter 'Love Island' 2023 memes: from Will's supportive sheep to Harris breaking the fourth wall

Despite the show having only just started, the winter 'Love Island' 2023 memes are already rolling in hot

one of the best winter Love Island 2023 memes showing Will Young seen sliding down a slide while holding his nose for one of the Love Island challenges/ in a pink and blue template
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We're two days in and the best winter Love Island 2023 memes are rolling in already! When it comes to reality TV, no show on earth seems to supply us with as much meme-able content as Love Island—so with season 9 officially underway, we're of course seeing them in spades already. 

In fact, it’s universally acknowledged that one cannot simply immerse themselves in the show—despite all the memorable Love Island moments—without also keeping one eye on Twitter and Instagram. And let’s be honest, in the first week of Love Island, no matter how many new Love Island bombshells walk through those villa doors, we all desperately need a bit of comic relief from those "So where’s your head at?” convos.

So powerful are the show's memes that we still, to this day, think about Davide’s ‘Liar, Actress’ quote at least three times a week (yes we have a roundup of the best Love Island 2022 memes to reminisce over)—not to mention Chloe Burrows ‘no Whey’ that became one of the biggest memes of Love Island 2021.

And while it’s still ‘early doors ‘—a classic Love Island quote—Twitter and Instagram are already taking no prisoners from the new winter cast. So as we usher in a brand new season, here are the best Love Island 2023 memes so far…

The best winter 'Love Island' 2023 memes so far...

While we've only had a few days with our new islanders in South Africa (where Love Island is filmed), fans are already sharing their reactions to the antics—from everyone's jaws collectively dropping over Maya Jama's Love Island outfits to what imagining what farmer Will's sheep would be thinking after *that* foot massage.

And while we patiently await Love Island's First Look to see what the next episode has in store—here are a few of our favorite memes to tide you over...

1. Maya Jama literally breaking hearts left right and centre

Now, when Maya Jama was announced as the new Love Island host, we knew she would a whole lot of glamour and style to the role—but no one was quite ready for her slow-mo villa entrances (yes, we got two!).

We clearly weren't the only ones to think so, as the Love Island boys were a tad too eager to chat too her...

Can you even fathom having to follow her entrance?

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2. Will's sheep are not amused

Among the boxers and footballers in the villa, we have wholesome farmer Will Young looking to find love in the villa—but as fans of the viral TikTok farmer will know, there are already a few ewes that already hold a place in his heart.

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Bless 'em, we love a supportive herd. Although some fans fear some of his sheep won't be best pleased with his recent dance moves...

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3. Did anyone else's TV glitch?

Clearly, the islanders' grafting just got too much for TVs across the UK as we all experienced glitching...

4. Haris pretending he's in an episode of 'The Office'

If you tuned into episode two, you'll have seen Haris grappling with the tie of Olivia's dress. Watching him trying to get it into a double knotted bow was amusing enough...

Until eagle-eyed viewers clocked the moment Haris actually locked eyes with the camera and gave a classic Jim Halpert ala The Office reaction.

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More of this please, Haris!

5. We stan Ron

As is customary for Love Island, many of us already have a soft spot for some of the islanders and at the moment, it seems we're all in agreement over Ron.

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6. When you tell a girl you're joining the army, only to enter the villa...

It came out in one of the first Love Island challenges that Shaq actually lied to a girl, claiming he was joining the army to stop seeing her.

He then went on to reveal that he never actually came clean about it to her, so if she watches the show, she's in for a bit of shock...

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