Micah Lussier and Paul Peden's confusing Instagram exchange is making us wonder if they're getting back together

'I'll always be so thankful that you came into my life,' Micah Lussier wrote to ex Paul Peden

micah lussier and paul peden on their honeymoon in love is blind season 4
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It appears Micah Lussier is getting soft. 

The Love Is Blind season 4 cast member earned the title of mean girl alongside Irina Solomonova, and she left the altar in tears when her fiancé, Paul Peden, decided not to move forward with their nuptials. 

Despite her fire-engine red dress at the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, Micah remained relatively quiet and out of the spotlight, likely due to the backlash she anticipated she'd receive. But when it was revealed during the catch-up that Paul didn't think Micah would make a good mother, you could see the heartbreak in her eyes. 

Though her season was tumultuous for a number of reasons, Micah is now taking a nostalgic approach to her time on TV, and it's definitely not what we were expecting.

What does Micah Lussier's confusing Instagram post *really* mean?

On Tuesday, April 25, Micah decided to send an intimate message to Paul, by way of Instagram, claiming how special their time together had been. 

"Paul, I'll always be so thankful that you came into my life. We shared something so special together & no one will ever be able to replace that. No matter what I'll always love you," part of the message read. 

The comments section was filled with confusion—"If he’s not posting you sis, why are you posting him," one user wrote—and, yes, support and pleas to get back together. Even Paul chimed in with a comment: "My love for you isn't going anywhere. Maybe we're together, maybe we're not, but regardless, we'll still have that no matter what."

"Maybe we're together, maybe we're not"?! 

This seems a bit odd, considering a week earlier, Micah had appeared on The Viall Files podcast claiming she had thought her ex had moved on too quickly after their split. (More Paul dating rumors emerged when he pursued a connection with Wendi Kong from the pods, which ultimately did not last long.) Paul retorted with a comment to TMZ, stating that Micah "f---s off to Europe with some random person."

We're not really sure how, or why, this change of heart came to be, but a factor could be Micah's close connection with Paul's mother, Elizabeth. Not only were the two Doppelgängers, but they shared a similar bubbly personality. Micah said in an Instagram Q&A that they remain in touch: "She has been an amazing support system for me. Even though we aren't family, we will always be friends, and luckily for her and I, Paul supports that!"

Perhaps this post is a way to slowly introduce Micah's following to the idea of dating Paul once again. Are they giving things a third shot?! We'll have to turn to the 'gram for further updates on Paul and Micah. Stay tuned!

Next up? The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Catch the debut on Netflix on Wednesday, May 24. 

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