Netflix Tudum event: the biggest reveals from the streamer's virtual extravaganza

From 'Stranger Things' to 'Bridgerton,' the Netflix Tudum event gave us updates on all of our favorite shows and movies

The cast of Don't Look Up, Netflix Tudum event

There's many a TV binge in the near future! The Netflix Tudum event, a global fan event centered on the platform's newest offerings, provided news and sneak peeks into our favorite series and movies. (Yes, fortunately, that includes Sex Education season 4!)  

You might want to keep the popcorn in your cupboard handy and prepare for that watch queue to quadruple—there are plenty of release dates, first looks and trailers worth noting. Since the streaming service gave us so many updates to digest, here's info on the series and films you'll be most excited to watch. No need to thank us! 

Netflix Tudum event: the news you need to know

1. 'Stranger Things' season 4 

Ready to return to the Upside Down? No need to answer that—of course you are! Stranger Things season 4 is arguably one of Netflix's most anticipated releases and we've finally got an update on the latest season. 

After a lengthy hiatus, the sci-fi sensation will return in 2022 for its most cinematically beautiful and advanced installment yet. A new trailer gave fans a glimpse into what they can expect from a new location for the Creel House show. 

2. 'Sex Education' season 4

Otis and Maeve's story continues! Since we were left on a cliffhanger after season 3, Netflix is kindly treating us to a fourth season of Sex Education. Many suspected our time with the Moordale crew was finished, but rest assured, one of the most beloved originals isn't over yet. Phew!

3. 'Bridgerton' season 2 

Although we've asked many times, "Why is Simon leaving Bridgerton and how we will go on without the Duke of Hastings?" we will admit that we are curious to see how the Regency romance will unfold without our favorite star. What's next? What love affairs await? Get a little taste below! (Thanks, Tudum!)

4. 'Don't Look Up'

Leo, Timothée, Meryl, Ariana—and that's just to name a few! Essentially, Don't Look Up stars our favorite actors (and singers) in one amazing apocalyptic dark comedy. Trust us, the roster is lengthy. Plus, we get to witness Meryl Streep as commander in chief?! Obviously, we are here for it. 

5. 'The Crown' season 5

The royally obsessed are particularly excited to see how The Crown season 5 will tackle the Princess Diana era. During Tudum, Netflix revealed that fans can expect the new installment to drop in November 2022.

In the meantime, Spencer hits theaters on November 5, 2021, so you'll be able to get your royal fix while waiting for the fan-favorite series to make a comeback. We're equally as anxious to see Kristin Stewart as Princess Diana, after all.

the crown season 5 netflix Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

(Image credit: Netflix)

6. 'Money Heist' season 5 part 2

Questions swirled about what's next for Money Heist. Is there a Money Heist season 6 in the works? When will we get part two of season 5? Well, looks like we have an answer: December 3, 2021! Have a look at what you can expect below.

7. 'Emily in Paris' season 2

Tres chic news, friends! It's been announced that Emily in Paris season 2 will hit the platform on December 22, 2021 and there's more gorgeous scenery, romantic drama and Parisian fun to be had.

8. 'Tiger King 2'

Our quarantine obsession is making a return for a second part on November 17, 2021. Although details are still under wraps, entertainment experts suspect that this portion of the series will focus on Joe Exotic's prison time. 

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