Which Black Friday deals should you shop according to your star sign?

Looking for the best Black Friday deals? Let the cosmos be your guide!

Black Friday Fashion Deals
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'Tis the season of giving, and it's only right to treat yourself to a little something special. After all, those Black Friday deals are practically begging for your attention. 

But the onslaught of discounts and buy-one-get-20 offers can seem overwhelming, much like the holiday season itself. There's no need to stress, though. We are more than happy to lend a hand as you embark on a shopping spree. 

With a little bit of cosmic help from our 2022 horoscope predictions, we've narrowed down the perfect Black Friday deal for your zodiac sign. Eyeshadow palettes? Workout clothes? App-controlled vibrators? Here's what the stars suggest—and why. 

The best Black Friday deals to shop, according to your star sign


Aries 2021 horoscope

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You're gearing up for a big year, Aries. According to our resident astrologist Athena Antares, you are the fire sign that can expect growth and a spiritual awakening in 2022. Considering there's a lot on your plate, you'll want to make sure your wellness routine is up to snuff. The Foreo Black Friday sale can certainly help with that. Manuka Honey Sheet Mask, anyone?


Taurus 2021 horoscope

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You're quite the social butterfly, Taurus, particularly when Jupiter plans to align with Neptune (April 12, 2022) and sextile Uranus and Pluto (February 17 and May 3). Take those social skills—and cooking skills—to new heights with the Always Pan Black Friday deal. Whipping up a delicious meal is a great way to bring you and your loved ones together.


Gemini 2021 horoscope

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The presence of Black Moon Lilith will give Geminis a new sense of power, according to Athena. It's all about embracing that feminine energy, and there's no better way to do so than with a little self-love. Shop Lovehoney's Black Friday deals for up to 60% off your favorite sexy goodies. 


Cancer 2021 horoscope

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It's time to get creative, Cancer. The rare Jupiter-Neptune meetup in April will inspire you to tackle a new project and explore uncharted territory. Perhaps this is an opportune time to try a new hobby, like yoga or cooking. You'll want to peruse the Lululemon Black Friday sale and check out the new Drew Barrymore kitchen line products if so! That epic air fryer? We sense plenty of hearty meals on the horizon with that bad boy. 


Leo 2021 horoscope

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Leos are going to have a monumental year, particularly when it comes to careers. It can feel a bit daunting at times, so you'll want to pencil in time for things you love. The Yankee Candle Black Friday sale will help you establish the perfect zen ambiance for much-needed downtime in between all of that professional hustle. 


Virgo 2021 horoscope

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You have a hankering for growth, dear Virgos. You're looking to expand your knowledge and sense of adventure, be it with classes or a fun trip (once you feel safe traveling). Considering you'll have many new experiences to look forward to, make sure your capsule wardrobe pieces are in good shape. It definitely can't hurt to peruse Black Friday perfume deals, either!


Libra 2021 horoscope

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Things might feel a bit iffy in 2022, dear Libras, but that only means the universe is gearing you up for all that you deserve. Partnerships, both professional and personal, will play a big part in your 2022. Don't forget to show yourself some love, too: the Urban Decay Black Friday offers are great places to start. 


Scorpio 2021 horoscope

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Saturn, Uranus and the Nodes of Destiny will help you make major transformations in 2022, dear Scorpio. Everything from your personal relationships to your career focus can undergo a change. It's an exciting time, and while you shed your figurative "old skin," as Athena suggests, having a look at your capsule wardrobe pieces can help you enhance your look, no matter what style you're going for. 


Sagittarius 2021 horoscope

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Growth, inspiration and romance are at your fingertips, Athena says. How exciting, Sagittarius! But while so many good things are going on around you, don't forget to cater to yourself and treat yourself kindly with a good workout and the proper health habits. See what the Lululemon Black Friday sale can assist with as you get ready for an exhilarating 12 months ahead. 


Capricorn 2021 horoscope

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The Universe is placing you on the proper path in 2022, Capricorns. From people to places, experiences and opportunities, this year is all about uncovering your destiny. Show the world just what it means to be you with Missoma's classic and contemporary pieces. The Missoma Black Friday sale is a fun way to embrace your specific style and personality. 


Aquarius 2021 horoscope

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It's imperative to stay grounded and connect to your intuition in 2022, Aquarius, particularly in February, April, August and November. Stay in tune with your wellness routine and whatever that means to you—beauty products or sexy toys. Shop the Ella Paradis Black Friday sale and/or Olaplex Black Friday deals.


2022 is all about you, Pisces, the luckiest zodiac sign in the 12 months ahead. How lovely! You might be feeling a bit indulgent, and that's totally fine. Shopping the Dyson Airwrap Black Friday sale or the Ulta Black Friday sale just screams indulgence. 

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