This once-in-a-lifetime transit perfect for manifesting is happening this week

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces hasn't happened since 1856

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There's some magic happening this April: the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces, the super-rare transit last took place a cool 166 years ago in the Victorian era. 

We're in the midst of Aries season and a celestial reset, but now's the time to soak up the Pisces archetype and the water sign's dreamiest attributes. Are you ready?

"When planets are in the signs that they rule, they kind of take the reins and become really strong in the sky," says astrologer Narayana Montúfar (opens in new tab), author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power (opens in new tab). "They both rule Pisces: Jupiter in traditional astrology and Neptune in modern astrology. We're going to see a lot of cultural shifts in music, media, art, spirituality—these things are going to be magnified."

Want to know what to expect and when to mark your calendars? We'll give you the cosmic scoop so you can manifest your best life through astrology.

When is the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces and what does it actually mean?

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces happens on April 12, so circle it in your planner. Considering Jupiter and Neptune last met in Pisces in 1856, we'd say this is a pretty significant occurrence. 

"When these two meet, it’s like a 12th House overload of spirituality, dreams and self-undoing," says astrologer Liz Simmons (opens in new tab). "Jupiter expands upon Neptune’s magic, implying a rather thin veil that allows for us to tap into our more spiritual sides. Signs, omens and more may be present throughout the conjunction."

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What to expect when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

That side hustle you've been thinking about? The paintings you've been too busy to finish? Now is the time to channel that artistic energy you've been stifling. Perhaps this is the opportunity you were waiting for to explore the best upcycled ideas or guided journaling ideas. (Just a thought!) 

"This is an incredible time to work on any creative projects that you haven't been able to," Montúfar says. "It's a great time to practice stillness, spirituality and attuning to the messages the universe will be sending."

Likewise, Simmons adds: "Consider checking out visualization manifestations, dream journaling and paying attention to irregular signs throughout your day. Try to apply real-life methods to make your dreams your reality. We may be more in our heads fantasizing about the impossible, or experiencing more vivid dreams than usual. These can be used to visualize our manifestations."

While you're harnessing your creative side and bringing ideas to fruition, do be sure to take your time. There's no need to rush, and you'll want to make sure you're going through with plans that are truly meaningful.

"Because Pisces is a signs that rules dreams, it's an incredible time to slow down and practice stillness so that we can really think about what we want," Montúfar adds. 

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Tips for this transit

We can't help but getting lost in a daydream—especially when Pisces is in the picture—but do stay grounded and don't opt for the rose-colored glasses. 

Neptune in Pisces is a planet that can bring a lot of deception and kind of like fantasy—you can fall in traps because Pisces has no boundaries," Montúfar warns. 

Although April has some challenging moments—we're not looking at anything in particular, but did you hear about that intense full moon—there's still lots to look forward to this month, the April 12th transit, the best time to plan a date in 2022, and the Stellium in Pisces, which will turn the romance and creative dial up a few notches. 

April, we're ready for whatever you bring! Pass the paint brushes, please.

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