What do the 'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast zodiac signs reveal about the couples' compatibility?

We spoke to celebrity astrologers to find out about the 'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast zodiac signs

L-R: Bliss and Zack; Tiffany and Brett; Jackie and Marshal, all couples starring in Love is Blind season 4
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The drama has been a lot— but can the Love Is Blind season 4 cast zodiac signs give us some insight into what we can expect from contestants' relationships

Now that we're done with all the Love is Blind season 4 episodes and our Love Is Blind season 4 couples are headed to the Love is Blind live reunion, we're dying to know how their relationships have developed since the show (from Zack and Bliss to Kwame and Chelsea and Brett and Tiffany—any predictions are welcome).

It's been an intense season, with plenty of tears, joy and mean-girl moments. (Lookin' at you—Irina, Micah and Shelby!) Can our astrological birth charts possibly reveal which season 4 Love is Blind couples are still together and are set to become the next Lauren and Cameron (a.k.a. Love Is Blind royalty)?

If you ask celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas, all zodiac signs are compatible, provided they're open to making things work, though of course there are a few interesting tidbits worth noting about our contestants. He's particularly enamored with when Love Is Blind was filmed (that would be March to May 2022, FYI). 

"Whenever Jupiter is in Pisces, which takes place just once every 12 years, there is a greater focus on romance, spiritual connection, and deep love," he tells My Imperfect Life. Coincidence, Netflix?

Kyle Thomas
Meet the expert: Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television, CosmopolitanEntertainment WeeklyThe New York Post, Page Six, Hulu, Seventeen, Bustle, Elite Daily, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire and more. 

He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers. His work harnesses the power of the stars in regard to entertainment lifestyle and trends affecting people worldwide.

'Love Is Blind' season 4 cast zodiac signs

A cheat-sheet on the Love Is Blind season 4 cast zodiac signs:

  • Tiffany: Sagittarius
  • Brett: Scorpio
  • Zach: Aries
  • Bliss: Libra
  • Irina: Scorpio
  • Chelsea: Taurus
  • Kwame: Aries
  • Jackie: Capricorn
  • Marshall: Virgo
  • Josh: Gemini
  • Micah: Pisces
  • Paul: Libra

Love is Blind couples' zodiac signs compatibility

To see if the pairings (and Jupiter in Pisces' timing) can help or hurt the couples, we turned to Thomas for some astrological intel. One thing's for sure: as if you couldn't already tell, Zack and Irina are a no-go.

"By and far, the most tragic and challenging couple will be Irina (Scorpio) and Zack (Aries)," he says. "This is one of the most common 'fatal attraction" zodiac pairings. While it starts off with explosive excitement and adventure, it more often than not ends in a brutal battle of egos."

Who else is in the same boat (or hopefully not)?

1. Tiffany (Sagittarius) and Brett (Scorpio)

Yes, Tiffany fell asleep mid-date in the pods, yet despite this embarrassing fail, she and Brett seem like a match made in heaven. They've quickly become the season's fan favorites and perhaps have what it takes to make things work. 

"They both have a hunger to push one another outside of their comfort zones to explore intimacy," Thomas says. "However, Scorpio can be a bit possessive and controlling once they set their mind on something, which can push a Sagittarius away."

They definitely felt "the spice and passion right away"—but is it forever? We're not sure our hearts could take it if they split. 

2. Bliss (Libra) and Zack (Aries)

It was clear that Irina and Zack were headed for splitsville immediately, astrologically or not. But now that Zack and Bliss (a Libra) said 'I do', are they a better match? Thomas thinks so.

"This couple is MAGNETIC," Thomas says of Zack and Bliss. "With Aries and Libra being opposites of one another, they draw to one another like two pieces of a puzzle to complete each other."

3. Jackie (Capricorn) and Marshall (Virgo)

Despite a few hiccups during their honeymoon, Jackie and Marshall actually had the potential to work on things post-pods. 

"This is a couple that can be a TEAM. As two Earth signs, they naturally support one another well and tend to find a harmonious rapport between them," Thomas says. "They often tend to value similar aspects of life: loyalty, devotion, hard work, success, practicality, sensuality and money."

While we now know they didn't make it down the aisle, can Jackie be more compatible with Josh (a Gemini)?

4. Chelsea (Taurus) and Kwame (Aries)

Fans were a little suspicious of the former soccer player, largely due to his flirting with Micah. However, if Chelsea and Kwame are in a serious mindset, they have the power to go the distance, even with a few differences here and there.

"While they do share some similarities, such as being hardworking, loyal, and focused, the way they go after their goals and relationships can be different," Thomas says. "For instance, Aries like to take the lead and are more impulsive, whereas Taurus is more reserved, practical, and stubborn in regards to their plans and ideas."

5. Micah (Pisces) and Paul (Libra)

According to astrologer Liz Simmons, in astronomical terms, this pair is definitely...odd. (And even when you take the stars out of the equation, they're an odd mix.) 

"Libra and Pisces are an odd couple since they form a quincunx aspect, which implies that they don't necessarily have anything in common in astrology," she says. "These two signs don't share planetary rulers, modality, duality or element."

Well, there's that. They might not be 100% in synch, but there are ways for this pairing to work. 

headshot of astrologer liz simmons
Meet the expert: Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons is a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader based in Salem, MA. She views astrology and tarot as another tool in our arsenal to understand the cosmic interplay in our lives. Currently, Liz contributes astrological articles and horoscopes to StyleCaster, POPSUGAR and Astrology.com. She is also the resident astrologer at ASCEND Get Lifted.

"They're not total opposites either," Simmons adds. "If anything, their quincunx aspect can either have a, 'I don't quite get you, but I think I like you' vibe or a 'Where are you coming from?' energy. So, this could either make or break Libra and Pisces since these two signs will have to really work together to meet each other in the middle."

Likewise, Thomas notes that the two signs can make things work, but they'll likely have issues when it comes to financing and communicating. 

"Both are very romantic, tender, and affectionate. They love to be in relationships," he says. "Yet, a big flaw for this pairing can be a possibility of overindulgence and challenges around money. Their perspectives on life, particularly in regards to how they process their emotions, can be a bit different."

We can see how they didn't work out now...

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