Who does Melia Kreiling play in 'Emily in Paris' season 3?

Her character is an artist who's not scared to get messy, but who is Melia Kreiling?

melia kreiling as Sofia Sideris in emily in paris season 3
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Melia Kreiling is one Emily in Paris season 3 newcomer not afraid to stir the pot.

While most fans are asking themselves "Who does Emily end up with in Emily in Paris?" they might want to shift their focus from the titular marketing expert (Lily Collins) and turn their attention towards this new face, because she's definitely shaking up the group dynamic. 

So, who is actress Melia Kreiling and what do we know about her character in the third season of the Netflix hit? Allow us to give you the scoop, bébé. (For those who have yet to make their way to the Emily in Paris season 3 ending, proceed cautiously!)

*Warning: spoilers ahead for Emily in Paris season 3!*

Who does Melia Kreiling play in 'Emily in Paris'?

Melia Kreiling plays Greek artist Sofia Sideris, whose work is being featured at Camille's (Camille Razat) gallery. Although we don't get too much of a look at her pieces, her latest offerings apparently take on an ecclesiastical theme. Some juicy secrets are revealed in her confessional!

Sofia confesses to Camille that she's romantically interested in her and invites her back to Greece after the show wraps up. Despite the fact that Camille is currently in a relationship with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), she accepts the offer. But will the two be able to keep up this secret affair without anyone finding out? (Bet you see where this is going...)

Relatively early on in the season, Emily catches sight of a kiss between the two women, and she's wondering whether or not she should break the news to Gabriel. The choice weighs on her, especially when Gabriel proposes to Camille towards the end of the season. Could this make or break Camille and Gabriel? If so, would Emily consider leaving Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) and making her way back to the hunky chef? (And you thought newcomer Paul Forman was trouble!)

How will all this play out for the couples, wannabe couples and would-be couples—especially after that bombshell ending? A big reveal is bound to make things pretty messy. But we're going to have to wait for Emily in Paris season 4 to find out how these sticky situations unravel. 

"Definitely excited that we get to do a four because we leave you on a cliffhanger," Collins told Variety in October. "When we read it, we were like, 'Wait, what?' And we were very excited."

Who is Melia Kreiling from 'Emily in Paris'?

Melia Kreiling is a 32-year-old actress who was raised in Greece (coincidence?) and studied theater in the UK before ultimately making her way to the US to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. 

Melia Kreiling movies and TV shows

Melia is best known for her role as Bereet in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). The first gig she booked was for the Showtime series The Borgias, where she plays Bianca Gonzaga. Her most recent role was on Amazon's Mammals alongside James Corden, Sally Hawkins and Colin Morgan. You can also find her in FX's Tyrant and The Last Tycoon on Amazon. 

Although there's no word yet on whether she'll reprise her role in Emily in Paris next season, we have a feeling Camille and Sofia's storyline is far from over. As for other roles? We'll be keeping an eye out to see what she does next!

Melia Kreiling Instagram: what's her handle?

You can catch Melia Kreiling on Instagram at the handle @meliakreiling, where she has more than 58,000 followers. There, you can find pictures of her various projects, including with her Emily in Paris crew, and sweet snaps of her adopted pup. 

See Melia Kreiling in Emily in Paris season 3, now streaming on Netflix. 

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