What is ‘Jello Skin’? The new Korean skincare trend taking over TikTok

Move over glazed-donut skin, 'Jello Skin' new deliciously-named trend in town

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TikTok has graced us with yet another skincare trend and it may be the best-named one yet. Meet ‘Jello Skin’—the new Korean skincare trend taking over your ‘For You’ page.

First came slugging, then the frozen cucumber hack and now Jello Skin! Just when we'd thought we'd seen it all, TikTok never stops surprising us—and this trend is really taking the app by storm. In fact, according to WeThrift’s trend expert, Nick Drewe, the trending hashtag '#jelloskin’ already has over 14 million views.

But what exactly does it entail and is it actually good for your skin?

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What is the 'Jello Skin' trend? 

This latest trend, according to Drewe is all about, "creating a plump and structured skin texture that bounces and feels elastic, similar to the feel of jello.”

The term was coined by TikToker @glowwithava, whose own skin is basically the poster child for the trend—her skin is so bouncy it literally defies gravity.


♬ original sound - AVA

Ava's account is dedicated to how she keeps her skin healthy and 'jello'-like, explaining that it’s not just all about applying the best moisturizers for dry skin and best retinol serums, but about your lifestyle.

How to get Jello Skin

Nourishment and "exercise"

Unlike some of the ‘fad’ skin trends we see that promise almost immediate results, getting 'Jello Skin' takes commitment (from the looks of it though, it’s very much worth it).

Achieving plump skin starts from the inside. Drewe says what you're eating is super important: "You should have a balanced and anti-inflammatory diet. This includes lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plant-based proteins like beans and nuts.”

The most crucial part of this trend, however, is collagen. You need a lot of it apparently. Ava says you can tell if your skin has a lot of collagen when: "every time you move it out of place, it should bounce back immediately."


♬ original sound - AVA

Drewe also advises that "there are lots of different products on the market designed to increase collagen production in the body, but the most effective method is by taking supplements and vitamins and by eating rich in vitamin C and amino acids foods, such as oranges, red peppers and kale.”

You can also, of course, find skincare products enriched with collagen—but to get your cheeks bouncing like a bowl of strawberry jelly, you need to start from within!

Giving your face a "workout" is also key: “Moving your facial muscles is the most important aspect of the trend. To ensure you achieve the best results, it's key to incorporate facial massages into your daily routine to create and increase the elasticity of your skin.” We'd also recommend keeping your best hyaluronic acid serum in hand when doing this to help your facial massages run more smoothly.

Topical products

Hydration is super important for achieving 'Jello Skin', so invest in some hyaluronic acid, as it's a great place to start if your skin is feeling dry and dull. It's hailed as a miracle ingredient and will easily slip into your skincare routine as the base of your skincare product order.

Exfoliation is also key for the glowing, jelly sheen that is so important for the Jello Skin trend. Skincare ingredients like salicylic acid are ideal for exfoliating the skin, without the need for harsh scrubs.

And to achieve the trend, Drewe also recommends keeping skin protected from environmental stresses like pollution and sun damage—so make sure to invest in some of the best sunscreens for face.


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