Proworks Glute Band review: an affordable choice for building booty muscles

A comfortable fabric resistance band that can withstand squats

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My Imperfect Life Verdict

This band is an affordable choice for those looking to build their booty muscles but find rubber resistance bands uncomfortable.

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    Only comes in two colours

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    Tension levels tougher than expected

As you may have gathered from the name, the Proworks Glute Band is all about growing your booty to Kardashian-level proportions - naturally. Of course, this fabric small looped resistance band can still be used to work out the rest of the lower body too; it’s ideal for sculpting hamstrings, quads, calves and core. The band comes in three different tension levels and has ‘non-slip technology’ that prevents it from frustratingly sliding up your thighs as so many other resistance bands do. 

In terms of price, you can buy a single band on Amazon for £6.95, or a set of three for £13.95. The product is also available on Proworks’ own website but for a higher fee: £11.95 for one, £16.95 for two and £21.95 for three (one of each resistance level). 


 As far as resistance bands go, you can’t go too far wrong with form. Is it stretchy? Yes. Does it have some tension? Yes. Then it’s probably going to do the job. However, bands for lower body and booty exercises tend to fare better if they’re made from a strong fabric (since your glutes are the body’s biggest muscles) and are designed as small loops. The Proworks Glute Band – a robust looped band made from a mix of cotton, polyester and latex – ticks both of those boxes.

You can choose between three different sizes, which correspond with a tension level. Small offers high resistance, medium gives you, well, medium resistance, and large provides a low resistance.

Proworks Glute Bands

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The great thing about this resistance band is that it actually stays in place rather than sliding up and down your legs like a pair of old tights. That might not sound groundbreaking, but when you’ve used bands before that require readjustment every few seconds, it makes a huge difference. The solution seems to be a combination of the Proworks Glute Band’s strong and sturdy material and its so-called “non-slip technology”, which is basically just two internal loops of latex that help it cling to your skin or gym leggings. 

We tested out the band in medium resistance. We usually opt for medium with our booty bands so we were expecting a similar level of tension with this one, but as we struggled to haul it over our thighs for the first time, as though trying to pull on skinny jeans after an indulgent holiday, we realised the Proworks version of medium is more like heavy. If you’re a resistance band beginner, we’d suggest ordering it in large (light resistance).


The Proworks Glute Band gets high marks for comfort. Its width and fairly thick material mean its pressure is distributed well so it doesn’t roll up into dental floss or dig into the skin. The inner latex rings very occasionally pinch but it’s nothing we can’t handle.  


While resistance bands have never been known for their aesthetics, there are some pretty sexy-looking ones on the market these days: neon green ones, pastel hued ones, even ones covered in emojis. The Proworks Glute Band isn’t quite up there with such design-forward products but it’s still not ugly. You can buy it in black or light pink – simple but effective.  


This resistance band comes with a small pamphlet detailing eight exercises you can use it for, including clams, wide stance squats and lying kickbacks, complete with diagrams. It’s quite handy to get you started, but not extensive enough to be your only guide.  Value  When you can buy a set of several rubber resistance bands for roughly the same price as this one (£6.95), you might be tempted to call the Proworks Glute Band expensive. We actually think it’s really good value, however, considering that it’s a good quality fabric band that doesn’t slip around or dig in, and similar products on the market cost double its price.  

Proworks Glute Band – should you buy it? 

There are similar products on the market, but the Proworks Glute Band has everything going for it for a low price. It’s hardy enough to be effective while still being comfortable, even on bare skin; it doesn’t infuriatingly curl up or move around on your legs; it seems durable – while we haven’t had the product in our grips for a long time, so far it’s shown no sign of losing its resistance or fraying. We’ll grant you that its design isn’t the most exciting, but it’s not unattractive. For £6.95, you get a straightforward, lower-body-focused resistance band that does everything you’d need it to.