We're entering the best weeks of the year to manifest—here's why

Venus enters Pisces, and it's the breath of fresh air you were looking for

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Welcome to the new astrological year—eclipse season will soon begin, retrogrades will return (sorry to break the news), but we are also going to experience some of the best weeks to manifest in all of 2022. Get excited!

As our April horoscope indicates, there will be a few ups and downs along the way, but it's nothing you won't be able to handle. Whatever you desire—new relationships and connections, creative endeavors and so on—let's bring those dreams to fruition.

The best weeks to manifest in 2022

"Now is the time to plant the seeds for the future because it's the fourth month," says Melissa St. Hilaire, psychic-medium and an educator at the Metaphysical Shoppe & Apothecary. "You can take into consideration numerology, the number four is the natural order of things—four cardinal directions, four suits in a tarot."

Since April brings about a new beginning for the cosmically-focused and a new season, planting literal seeds and seeds of intention is a must. St. Hilaire says it's a particularly favorable time to focus on your career and legacy.

But in numerology, four is also about balance, and it's also imperative to main a healthy harmony with whatever you're trying to start. (Consider playing around with the best mediation apps.)

"Start with meditation and have a journal with you in case you need to write anything down and focus on centering yourself so that you feel stable," she suggests. "Neutralize your emotions so that when you get into manifesting, you're approaching it as a practitioner."

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Astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, Narayana Montúfar is particularly excited about Venus in Pisces beginning April 5, one of the most anticipated astrology events of 2022, as it's the beginning of a three-week manifesting period. 

After entering a rather tough situation in the late winter, responding particularly to whatever is ruled by Saturn, Venus is now leaving Aquarius and making her way over to Pisces for some good vibes. 

"Things are going to be easier, lighter and more fun," Montúfar says. "There will be more room for just pleasure, and Venus in Pisces is the epitome of romance. She'll be able to work at her best, help us attract whatever we're chasing—it could be more money, a partnership, more connection."

She continues, "Venus kind of takes over the reigns in the sky. She will be able to command like a queen, and that's good for everybody."

Yes, folks, the time to manifest your best life through astrology is around the corner.  (Our guide to crystals for beginners might also be a helpful tool for you.) 

Additionally, Jupiter and Neptune will also be in Pisces during this time, something that hasn't happened since the 1800s, which will bring about an acceleration in collectivity, creativity, art and so on. 

"[Venus] is entering the part and she's going to magnify it—anything you want in your life, whatever you want to attract," Montúfar adds. 

One thing to be mindful of? Even though this can be an exciting month—a time to manifest love, enjoy the Stellium in Pisces and enjoy the *fun* chaos of the next solar eclipse, do realize that it's OK to go through a bit of a roller coaster, too. 

"We're allowed to have our emotions swing up and down and back and forth," St. Hilaire says. "Don't just try to bury them and stay blissfully positive—look at them, examine them. Maybe they'll unlock the door."

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