Beauty Pie's brand new Christmas candle is deliciously festive

You're going to want Beauty Pie's new Christmas candle in your home immediately

Beauty Pie Christmas Candle
(Image credit: Beauty Pie)

Is there anything better than a scented candle? We think not - especially at this time of year. That's why we've been dedicated to stocking up on all the incredible  offerings we've come across, the latest being Beauty Pie's Christmas candle

The beauty website's very own scented candle not only sounds delicious but is just what you need to get you in the festive mood. Why? Well, it's made of all the best Christmas treats: Gingerbread, Almond and Orange Blossom. 

Beauty Pie Christmas candle

(Image credit: Beauty Pie)

Beauty Pie's Christmas candle | $60

If you're looking for a candle to help you spread the festive cheer inside, then look now further. This is the ONE!View Deal

Yes, we know. We can already taste it too. But that's not all - the candle also features top notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger and a base scent of vanilla, caramel and musk. Yum! 

It's priced at $60 and could make for the ultimate Christmas gift if you're currently shopping for your nearest and dearest. But we must say, we definitely want it for ourselves too. 

The product currently has a five star review on Beauty Pie which must mean that it lives up to expectations, and our expectations are high. It has also received some glowing reviews, with customers praising the scent and longevity of the candle."Lovely candle, I could smell I before I even opened the box. Makes me feel so festive," one review read. Meanwhile another happy customer said: "Received today, lit it straight away. Love it. Nice strong fragrance and as described."

That's it, we're sold. Plus, according to the brand, it has a burn time of 60 hours, so it could last you all the way up until Christmas. What's not to love? 

Sagal Mohammed
Sagal Mohammed

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