Dangerous TikTok challenges and hacks to avoid at all costs

Not all that's viral is a good idea—just let these dangerous TikTok challenges and tips prove it to you

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Just because it's viral doesn't mean it's worth trying. Dangerous TikTok challenges, we're looking at you!

Though we oftentimes turn to our FYP for TikTok beauty hacks, fashion advice and hair tutorials, not all that creeps its way up to the top of feeds is a worthy trend.

From challenges and hacks to plain 'ol bizarre ideas, here's what to remove from your to-do list. You'll thank us later.

Dangerous TikTok challenges to avoid:

1. The Milk Crate Challenge

As the name suggests, the Milk Crate Challenge asks TikTokers to stock plastic milk crates on top of each other to create a rickety staircase of sorts. 

There's no need to tell you how most of these scenarios wind up. 

2. TikTok perfume hack for hair

Unless you have the itch to learn how to repair damaged hair, you'll want to forgo the hair hack where TikTokers spray perfume on their straighteners in an attempt to change the shade of their strands. 

"Not only will this not work as an effective way of noticeably changing hair color, but doing so will also inevitably cause damage and could lead to hair loss if it’s already in a fragile state," said Nicole Petty, a haircare expert at Milk + Blush.

We'll tell you the 10 golden rules for how to dye your hair at home—danger and damage not included.


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3. TikTok Egg Hack

Pesto eggs only, folks!

One user wanted to cut her cooking time in half and decided to crack a raw egg into a cup of boiling water. After placing it in the microwave for 10 seconds, she attempted to remove the egg with a cold spoon, ultimately causing a splash that burned her face.

Sometimes it's easier (and safer) to do things the long way. 

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4. Dry Scooping Challenge

As the fitness pros will tell you, the perfect workout schedule—and results—mean that you cannot take shortcuts. 

Taking a pre-workout supplement without water, as the Dry Scooping Challenge suggests, might seem trivial but could actually lead to severe health consequences, particularly when it comes to your heart. 

Always add the water, as it was intended. 

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5. Sleepy Chicken TikTok Trend

Colds are running rampant more than ever before, or so it seems, but that does not mean you should step into the role of a primary care doctor.

One TikTok user enlightened us with his NyQuil chicken fad, a phenomenon that marinates the poultry in cold medicine rather than a sauce or glaze. According to the Vicks website, Nyquil should be used as directed and those who need it should not be consuming more than four doses in 24 hours.

6. Frozen Skin Sticks and Frozen Beauty Blenders

These chic ice-cube alternatives allow people to fill up the small container with water, fruit and other extracts. After removing frozen skin sticks from the freezer, we're then supposed to use them in our daily skin routines the way we would a jade roller. 

But not all dermatologists are on board with the fad, particularly due to the temperature. 

"If they are super cold, they could cause a freeze-burn of the skin. If they are cool they could cause temporary vasoconstriction (tightening of blood vessels)," says New York City-based dermatologist Doris Day.

She has similar thoughts on the frozen beauty blenders trend, too. We can't all be as tough as Elsa, so it's best not to try. 

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7. #Homeexchange Requests

Some app users wanted to make The Holiday a reality with the #homeexchange challenge. Needless to say, not every source is reliable and not every accommodation comes with a brother that looks like Jude Law. 

Always do business with a verified travel source, as you don't really know what you're stepping into, even if an abode looks adorable in your FYP. 


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8. Eyelash Curler Hack

Although the makeup tip is nothing new, the TikTok eyelash curler hack revived an old trick for a new audience. Instead of opting for mascara, TikTokers are drying their eyelashes with a hairdryer in hopes of extra-extra volume. 

Makeup artist and My Zen Den founder Alexandria Gilleo, who pleads guilty to giving this trend a try back in the day, suggests otherwise. 

"You want to nourish your lashes. By using a blowdryer, you can cause damage and breakage and thin out the hair instead of strengthening and lengthening."


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9. Hyaluronic hacks

Is too much hyaluronic acid bad for your skin? Yes, you can have too much of a good thing—even if it's your favorite skincare ingredient. Our guide to hyaluronic acid benefits, side effects and everything in between will put you in the proper direction. 

Be cautious before switching up the beauty ingredients you use—especially if they go on your face.  

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10. Rice water hack for hair

TikTok users have opted to wash their hair rice in cold water, in an attempt to make it sleek and shiny. Although it may seem like a good idea to keep your locks looking good, if you get too many proteins from the rice water, you can also experience breakage and shedding. 

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