Love Island 2022 couples—these are the paired-off islanders we think will last outside the villa

We're predicting these Love Island 2022 couples will make their relationships work IRL...

Love Island 2022
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The Love Island 2022 couples brought romance and drama aplenty. So you may now be wondering which of the lovebirds' relationships will make it on the outside. 

All four pairs of finalists still seem to be going strong. These include Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu who won the show, along with runners-up Luca Bish and Gemma Owen, Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack in third place, and Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri in fourth. There is hope—a number of past Love Island couples are still together to this day. 

However, we've already had our first Love Island split since the series ended, and from last year's season seven alone there are just two couples still standing. It would have been three, but winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon just split after one year together on the outside.

It's clear that Love Island has quite a varying success rate—and it's likely to be interesting, given how chaotic season eight proved, which of the latest batch of loved-up contestants make it work. To make some predictions, we've analyzed the stats to see which couples are the most compatible and stand the best chance outside of the villa...

Love Island 2022 couples that left the villa together

However, it wasn't just the four couples that made the Love Island final who remain coupled up. A number of others departed the villa, having been voted off, after building a connection on the inside.

There's Adam Collard and Paige Thorne, as well as Jamie Allen and Danica Taylor. Until recently, Deji Adeniyi and Lacey Edwards also made this list—but they are now reported to have gone their separate ways following drama at the Love Island reunion.

Additionally, Josh Samuel Le Grove and Summer Botwe are also now getting to know one another. Despite feeling a spark in the villa, their romance was initially cut short as the former was voted off.

Love Island 2022 couples that are still together

This makes the grand list of the couples still together as follows...

  • Davide and Ekin-Su
  • Luca and Gemma
  • Dami and Indiyah
  • Andrew and Tash
  • Adam and Paige
  • Jamie and Danica
  • Josh and Summer

Love Island 2022 most compatible couples—which ones will last?

Gemma & Luca

Gemma and Luca sat at the mini fire pit on Love Island 2022

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  • Weeks together on show: Eight
  • Arguments: Four
  • Ages: Gemma is 19 and Luca is 23 giving them an age gap of four years
  • Hometown distances: 268 miles
  • Career paths: If Gemma sticks with dressage, she will likely need to travel around Europe whilst Luca could continue as a fishmonger in his hometown of Brighton—or become an influencer (as often islanders do)

Gemma and Luca seemed pretty smooth sailing before Casa Amor. The pair coupled up early on after Luca expressed his interest in her while coupled up with Paige. However after they reunited following Casa, some cracks began to show—especially after Luca's jealous and explosive reaction to an exchange between Billy and Gemma.

They also had a row after the Mile High challenge where Gemma confronted Luca for being moody with her for her steamy performance. Throughout the series, viewers have called out Luca for being overprotective and accused him of controlling behavior towards Gemma—a theme several of their fellow islanders have also hinted at.

That being said, the pair exchanged 'I love yous' and discussed their future outside of the villa. As the final neared, the pair seemed to be clashing more and more, which didn't bode well for their relationship on the outside. The couple placed second on the show.

Compatibility rating: 5/10

Dami & Indiyah

Dami and Indiyah in the beach hut on Love Island 2022

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  • Weeks together on the show: Seven (minus a bump in the road with Casa)
  • Arguments: Two
  • Ages: Dami is 26 and Indiyah is 23—they have an age gap of three years
  • Hometown distances: 369 miles
  • Career paths: Dami is a senior microbiologist but definitely has model potential, as does Indiyah—so their careers could align nicely...

Dami and Indiyah both began the series with other islanders—Indiyah was coupled up with Ikenna but was unsure of their romantic connection, while Dami was paired up with Amber, who was dumped from the show after two weeks.

The pair struck up a connection and swiftly became a fan-favorite couple—until Casa Amor. During the 'ultimate test' that is Casa, Dami cracked on with new-girl Summer, sharing a bed and a number of smooches with her. He then decided to couple up with her and didn't seem impressed when Indiyah did the same with Deji.

They had a very tense reunion, but soon it became obvious that they still had feelings for one another. Fans were left very unhappy after Dami took very little responsibility for his actions and was even rude to Summer calling her "fake". They were also disappointed by how quickly Indiyah seemed to forgive his actions.

That being said, the couple have got things back on track, declaring their love for each other and winning the notorious baby challenge together.

While they do have a big distance between them IRL—with Dami in Dublin and Indiyah in London—the pair do have a chance at making it work, especially if they follow similar influencer career paths. They placed third on the show.

Compatibility rating: 7/10

Paige & Adam

Adam and Paige on Love Island 2022

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  • Weeks together on the show: Three
  • Arguments: None
  • Ages: Adam is 26 and Paige is 24—they have an age gap of two years
  • Hometown distances: 305 miles
  • Career paths: Adam owns his own gym while Paige is a paramedic by trade, if they choose to continue their IRL jobs, they may have to try and make a long-distance relationship work

Following Jacques' departure from the villa, Paige continued to explore her romantic connection with Adam. 

The pair seemed to be growing closer and closer, especially after Adam turned down bombshell Nathalia Campos's advances. They also discussed their future, with Adam hinting at wanting to become exclusive with Paige.

After seeing Adam coo over plastic baby 'Sage' in the latest bay challenge, we can't help but root for these two to last in the outside world and have real babies...

Though that being said, they do have a hefty distance between them with Adam in Newcastle, where he owns his own gym and Paige in Wales. Adam has previously addressed this issue though and told Paige that they would figure it out. The couple narrowly missed the final.

Compatibility rating: 7/10

Andrew & Tasha

Andrew and Tasha at the firepit on Love Island 2022

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  • Weeks together: Nine (minus a few days following the Casa drama)
  • Arguments: Three
  • Ages: Andrew is 27 and Tasha is 23—they have an age gap of four years
  • Hometown distances: 344 miles
  • Career paths: Andrew is a real estate agent while Tasha is a dancer and model and is likely to become super successful when she leaves the villa

Tasha and Andrew have been a couple since their first day in the villa and were very solid until Casa Amor rocked their relationship.

After hearing from the new Casa girls that Tasha was not into him, Andrew decided to get to know Coco and things got intimate—but when Tasha returned to the main villa with Billy it all kicked off. Andrew relayed everything that went on between him and Coco, bringing a new iconic Love Island meme—when he said "I sucked her t** or whatever".

The pair massively fell out but slowly rekindled things. Now they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend and have even discussed living together after the show, as Andrew plans to relocate to London. Despite their ups and downs in the villa, these two are looking pretty solid. They came in fourth place.

Compatibility rating: 8/10

Davide and Ekin-Su

Davide and Ekin-Su on Love Island 2022

(Image credit: ITV Picture Desk)
  • Weeks together: Six weeks (on and off)
  • Arguments: ALOT
  • Ages: Davide is 27, and so is Ekin-Su
  • Hometown distances: 208 miles
  • Career paths: Davide's job is pretty interesting—he owns a shisha company—while Ekin-Su is an actress

What a rollercoaster these two have had. Fans have been completely obsessed with their enemies-to-lovers arc and they were long favorites to win Love Island.

Early on in the series, bombshell Ekin-Su coupled up with Davide but had her head turned by Jay—leading to one of the most memorable Love Island moments when Davide called her "a liar and an actress".

Slowly though—after several arguments and some flirty banter—the pair rekindled things, but Davide was hesitant to trust Ekin-Su. Then came Casa Amor where Ekin-Su stayed mostly loyal, while Davide snogged both Coco and Molly.

Thankfully all the Casa drama for them was short-lived and the pair have been like an old married couple ever since—with Davide asking Ekin-Su to be exclusive over some homemade tiramisu.

After seeing them as fake parents, we've got a good feeling about these two lasting...they really seem made for each other. If any of this season's couples make it down the aisle, our bet is on 'Ekin-De'! Naturally, they won the show...

Compatibility rating: 9/10

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