All the skincare trends 2023 will be seeing—from the rise of glow-getting collagen to peptide lip treatments

From gadgets to collagen-boosting treatments—we asked the experts what skincare trends 2023 has in store for us!

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Smart ingredients, even smart gadgets and sustainability—these are the skincare trends 2023 will be bringing our way. Filling our skincare routines with solutions-based products, natural tweakments and alllll the plumping and hydration, the New Year promises a whole host of new must-have skin-saving ingredients and glow-inducing treatments—after a year Jello Skin, slugging and celebrity lines.

Of course, our favorite skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and AHAs, aren't going anywhere in 2023, but we are set to see a number of other lotions and potions take center stage.

So, for all our skincare enthusiasts out there, we've asked the experts for their predictions on what we can expect to see turn into viral skincare trends...

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From the best retinol serums to the best moisturizers for dry skin, we could talk about skincare all day and right now we want to know exactly what's going to be rocking the skincare world in the year ahead.

We've caught up with skincare specialists and beauty brands to uncover what trends we'll see take over TikTok and Instagram alike...

1.Beauty tech

According to Rubén Rubiales Vazques, founder of the skincare line Lesielle, we'll continue to get to grips with beauty tech.

Whether it's Foreo cleansers, cryotherapy tools or LED light therapy, Vazques says: "Beauty-tech and mobile treatment devices are on the up and set to be a huge trend in 2023. With this newfound ‘tech-ceptance’, expect to see a significant push on new research and innovative tech in the new year!

‘’Whilst standard beauty products do have their benefits, they are also limited in the amount and variability of active ingredients they have. Supplementing your routine for at-home beauty gadgets, however, is a whole different story."

So, if you've been finding your skincare routine just isn't quite cutting it lately, perhaps invests in a new beauty gadget!

2. Collagen, collagen, collagen!

It looks like collagen is set to be a hero ingredient in 2023, with shoppers snapping up serums and the best face moisturizers, all packed with collagen and collagen-boosting ingredients.

Dr. Sheila Nguyen, an award-winning skincare expert and cosmetic injector predicts collagen-preserving ingredients like niacinamide will continue to be uber popular, but we may also see a rise in "collagen-stimulating" injectables. 

She says, "I have seen a huge demand for collagen-stimulating dermal fillers, and this will rise in 2023."

3. Hyaluronic injectables

Dr. Sheila also notes hyaluronic acid injectables will rise in popularity. For those who don't know what this newer cosmetic procedure entails—Dr. Sheila explained: "Skinboosters like Profhilo or Sunekos (which can be used to treat the eyes) can stimulate collagen, enhance the skin, and smooth fine lines.

"This is a hyaluronic acid injectable (think injectable moisturizer) that will deeply hydrate. This means great skin hydration and dewy, glowing skin."

4. Chebula products

Say hello to chebula! Experts at Beauty Pie have predicted that this miracle herb will start cropping up more and more, noting that in the run-up to 2023, searches for Chebula soared by 922%.

They say: "Chebula is an anti-aging ayurvedic herb that’s rich in antioxidants—it helps to moisturize and brighten and can even correct photodamage and strengthen skin. No wonder then, that it’s the number one skincare ingredient that’s set to dominate our skincare routines next year."

5. Peptide lip treatments

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We can thank Hailey Bieber and her Rhode Peptide lip products for this one, as Beauty Pie also predicts that Peptide lip treatments will continue to rise in popularity—with searches already spiking by 422%.

While Hailey's Rhode products are like liquid gold right now and seem to be constantly sold out, she now has three dreamy flavors of Peptide-infused lippie available and we reckon other beauty brands will start following suit with their own peptide offerings.

6. Lash serums

While lash serums are already a popular way to nourish and lengthen ones lashes, Beauty Pie suggests we'll all be on the lash serum game in 2023, with searches increasing by 75% in the last few weeks.

7. Lip sunscreen

While we've all gotten very familiar with the best sunscreens for our faces, Beauty Pie predicts that lip sunscreen will be a big trend in 2023.

Shoppers will start buying lip-specific SPF to ensure their entire face is protected from UV rays and sun damage. If you're a lover of lip balm, this trend will be super easy to incorporate into your daily routine—brands like Neutrogena, Malibu and Paula's Choice already have a number of SPF lip products on the market.

8. Refillable skincare

For most of us, shopping sustainably and ethically is the goal—especially when it comes to our beauty products, with their packaging known to have a big, negative impact on the environment. 

Because of this, we'll start swapping out our disposable products, for more planet-friendly, sustainable beauty options.  Take Kim Kardashian's refillable skincare line, for example—though perhaps now at that price point...

9. Snail skincare

Julia Marinkovich, a rep from skincare line COSRX (whose Snail Mucin products went viral on TikTok in 2022), predicts that Snail Mucin-infused skincare is one trend that we'll definitely bring with us into the new year.

Marinkovich says: "As we become more aware and knowledgeable about skincare ingredients and their benefits to the skin, there will be some products that we cling to where the trend doesn't come and go. 

"Snail Mucin has a heap load of skin benefits including moisturizing skin, promoting collagen production, aiding in skin healing and regeneration, supporting the skin barrier, and giving skin a radiant glow. Why would we ever stop using it!" 

If you're looking to try out any COSRX products, be sure to check out our COSRX Hydrium Triple Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule.

10. Medical skincare

Medical-grade skincare, which includes the likes of Medik8—whose Super C30 serum is a viral favorite, will also continue to rise in popularity.

Head of Clinic at Face The Future Kimberley Medd says: "Medical grade skincare has already been growing in popularity this year, with brands like SkinCeuticals and Medik8 trending on TikTok and being shown as celebrity favorites. I predict this will gain more traction as consumers continue shopping for the most effective skincare ingredients.

Medd also added that retinol will continue to be counted as a popular ingredient next year, but sensitive skin sufferers among us may opt for a more natural and gentle alternative also. 

She says: "Retinol creams and serums have been huge this year, and even though I don't believe that to end anytime soon due to the incredible benefits, I do think those that have more sensitive skin will look for a more natural alternative, such as bakuchiol

"Bakuchiol is excellent because it provides anti-aging and firming benefits for the skin without the redness and irritation that those with sensitive skin might face."

11. It's niacinamide's time to shine

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Niacinamide will continue to dominate- who's surprised? This glow-getting ingredient is beloved for its moisture-retaining and pore-minimizing powers. 

Much like our obsession with the best Korean beauty products, we'll continue our love affair with niacinamide serums for dewy, Hailey Bieber-Esque glazed skin!

12. Probiotics

Probiotics aren't just for your gut, skincare formulator, and founder of Skin Masterclass Cigdem Kemal Yilmaz says: "We've all become more aware of skin's microbiome and keeping it healthy, which is why I think probiotic skincare will be a huge trend for 2023."

Adding, "Probiotics can have great potential in the prevention and treatment of skin disorders including eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne, allergic skin inflammation, skin hypersensitivity, UV-induced skin damage, and wound healing. It's a must-have ingredient if you want to take your 2023 skincare regime to the next level."

13. Ceramide serums

Anti-aging ceramide serums will also be on the rise in 2023, with Beauty Pie revealing that searches have already started spiking by 30%.

If you've been suffering from winter skin lately, or feel your skin texture is feeling dryer and dehydrated, it may be time to add a ceramide product into your routine!

14. Skin Cycling

While TikTok has been loving a bit of skin cycling in 2022, Beauty Pie also suggests this is one trend that won't be going anywhere in the coming year. This makes sense, with all the new ingredients we'll be fitting into your morning skincare seshes! 

For those not in the know- "Skin Cycling" is essentially a four-day routine that sees an active ingredient applied on the first and second night to exfoliate, followed by two "rest days," where you use only super gentle products, to let your skin settle.

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