The Sephora Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar has dropped, and we're feeling festive

Santa has a lot of competition thanks to the Sephora Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar

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Although we've yet to reach Halloween, the Sephora Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar already has us thinking ahead. Truthfully, we don't mind fast-forwarding to December, especially considering this beauty bundle is chock full of our favorite products. 

If you don't already have one of the best mini fridges for skincare supplies, perhaps now's the time to consider a purchase. This year's holiday treat just might inspire you to change up your skin routine in 2022. 

While we love chocolates in typical Advent calendars, Sephora offers the chance to snag 24 goodies each day leading up to December 25, 2021. In the bundle, you'll find Sephora Collection makeup, skincare, bath, and accessories hidden in reusable boxes. Essentially, the beauty store is doing Santa's work for him. 

What can you expect from this treat? Charcoal nose strips, a coconut face mask, a bright skin exfoliating scrub, a scrunchie, hair clips and so much more. 

Sephora is also thinking ahead to the new year, and for that we are grateful. If the 24 days of the Advent calendar go by too quickly, you can snag the Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes After Advent Calendar to keep the momentum going. Say no more! 

As you do the honors of counting down Christmas until the New Year, you'll open not one, but TWO beauty surprises per day, as the bundle includes 12 products. You can expect lip balm, body polish, blush, a nail file, and more. 

The last year has certainly been challenging, so why not close it with a little bit of pampering? We're all in favor of a little TLC as we get ready to close out 2021 and welcome new beginnings in 2022.

 Sephora Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar

Sephora, Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes Advent Calendar ($45

One beauty product for 24 days leading up to Christmas. Expect items from the Sephora Collection that include face masks, eye shadow, lip gloss, and more. View Deal

Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes After Advent Calendar

Sephora, Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes After Advent Calendar ($25

Two products per day in this Sephora Collection Holiday Vibes After Advent Calendar. Count down from Christmas to the new year with masks, exfoliators, blush, and more. View Deal

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