These 20 gifts for Geminis are perfect for the social and adventure-hungry sign

Look no further for the perfect gifts for Gemini friends and family—from handy essentials for their fast-paced lifestyle to self-care treats to help them wind down

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Finding the best gifts for Gemini friends can be difficult when you’re trying to keep all of their traits in mind—especially when they tend to jump from one interest to another quicker than you can keep up. 

Geminis can sometimes get a bad rap for being fickle, gossipy or indecisive—but if you have a friend or family member with this Air sign, you’ll know that the other side of their twin can also be creative, naturally sociable and the life and soul of any party.

Whether you want presents for their fast-paced lifestyle or the best astrology gifts for the more starry-eyed members of this sign, we've got you covered.  Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Luminary Power, recommends that it’s best to keep the Gemini traits of being a “curious, conversational Mercury-ruled sign” in mind when you’re looking for gifts to suit them. This might be creative gifts, or gifts they can learn from—for example, that maybe help them learn about something they have a curiosity for. To help you make an informed decision and get ready for Gemini season, these are 20 gifts for Gemini signs that they’ll appreciate, no matter what the occasion.

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Once you're doing shopping for your Gemini loved one, why not do the rest of your Christmas shopping according to your friends and family's zodiac signs? 

Meet the experts on gifts for Geminis

Best gifts for Gemini signs


1. 3 month craft subscription box 

RRP: $180/£80.85 

Geminis are notorious for their short attention spans and creative flair, two traits that don’t often pair well. With these three month craft subscription kit though, your pal will receive everything they need to try a brand new hobby every month, a perfect way to manage their need to keep their minds engaged and active by constantly jumping into something new.

From delicate embroidery to painting landscapes to cement pouring their own plant pot for that hygge home decor, the variety of crafts on offer are sure to please even the flightiest Gemini. 


2. A taste of tea gift set

RRP: $26.50/£20.00 

Thanks to their Mercury alignment, Geminis tend to be high energy, so adding extra caffeine to their system might not be the smartest idea for the sanity of those around them.

Instead, encourage your Air sign friend to take a rare moment to slow down with a selection of calming teas, with enough of a variety to choose from that even the most indecisive Gemini couldn’t get bored. 


3. Adventure Personalised Travel Journal Notebook

RRP: $22.70/£19.50

Give the adventuring Gemini in your life a chance to capture all of their best travel moments and memories, in this super cute travel journal, which can even be personalized with their name on the front!

There are 160 pages of lightly lined paper which should be plenty of space for all of their 2023 travels, and we love that you can pick up this journal in a range of different colors, including navy, gray, green, red, pink and more.


4. Instax mini link printer

RRP: $99.95/£109.99

This portable instant photo printer is the perfect gift for Gemini social creatures who are always out and about, whether they're exploring their city or adventuring in the Amalfi Coast.

Help them capture the memories before they move quickly onto their next invite—the instant printing feature means they don’t even have to remember to send their camera roll off to be produced. Plus, there are a choice of four colours, so you can choose which hue is perfect for the snap-happy Gemini in your life. 


5. What Do You Meme? card game

RRP: $29.99/£27.99

With the tendency to form friendships with lots of different groups often comes plenty of party plans. What Do You Meme? is the perfect gift for Gemini friends who bring the energy to any gathering, and who have the confidence to pep up a lull in the night to get people socialising and laughing again.

Our expert Narayana Montúfar also recommends this game, suggesting that you “consider upgrading their stash with the latest videogame or a gift card to play online. If they prefer something they can play with everyone, so a game like Incoherent, What Do You Meme?, or Cards Against Humanity is a crowd-pleaser.” 


6. Damselfly Gemini candle

RRP: $41/£45 

Just because Geminis love to be busy, doesn’t mean they don’t also need a moment to relax and enjoy some luxury with one of the best scented candles. While we've already worked our way through the best Yankee Candle scents, this gift offers something a little different.

This stunning candle is scented with a delicate blend of amber, white jasmine, green leaf and fresh fig, and boasts a poem inspired specially by the best traits of the Gemini sign to show you really get them. 


7. Masterclass subscription

RRP: From $15 a month/From £14 a month

Geminis are always curious to learn, so a gift that'll likely be much appreciated is a Masterclass subscription, where they can tune in to videos and classes from some of the world's greatest experts on things like cooking, interior design, gaming and creative writing.

There are classes from plenty of well-known faces, including a lesson on personal branding from Kris Jenner (duh, who else?), songwriting from John Legend, and authentic leadership from former President George W. Bush! Subscriptions cost from around $15/£14 a month, so choose how long you'd like to pay for before buying.


8. Chelsea Peers lobster passport holder and luggage tag

RRP: $48/£28 

This matching passport holder and luggage tag is the perfect gift for Gemini friends who take their exploration further afield and are always jet setting off to their next destination, or have mastered how to travel alone successfully.

With a cute lobster print to match their flair for bold patterns that stand out, this accessory set will add a touch of chic coordination to your Gemini’s next adventure. 


9. Gemini Zodiac Constellation—Pink Rose Carry-All Pouch

RRP: $20/£16.40

A pretty pink gift for Geminis who want to show off their sign with pride, this cute carr- all pouch is ideal for all the little bits and pieces they need when heading out for the day.

Made from a resilient canvas material and a soft inner lining, this bag can carry everything from everyday essentials to toiletries while travelling, making it a versatile addition to the accessories collection—plus, the durability means it can go everywhere with your Air sign friends without a hitch and is ideal if pink falls in their color analysis palette. 


10. The Little Book of Self-Care for Gemini: Simple Ways to Refresh and Restore by Constance Stellas

RRP: $10.73/£8.99

Geminis might not often stop to take care of themselves, so consider getting this book for the Air sign in your life, to encourage them to slow down and look after themselves for once. 

This 'Little Book of Self-Care' shares which activities may be most restorative for an energetic Gemini, and shares how important it is to do things that are calming for your sign specifically—as opposed to being guided by the rules of another zodiac sign. One of the best gifts for Gemini signs looking to enjoy a little more peace in their life.


11. iDeal of Sweden portable power bank

RRP: $59.99/£49.99

With all that rushing around from one social plan to another—and of course documenting all the memories they’re making—the battery of this Air sign’s phone is likely to run out pretty fast.

This gift for social butterflies who find themselves left in the lurch with a dead phone at the end of the night is both practical and cute—with a selection of stunning prints to choose from, you can tailor the gift to perfectly match the personality of your pal.


12. Tequila Mockingbird cookery book

RRP: $15/£9.99 

The Gemini’s love of adventure can often extend to the cuisine they try too, so why not give them some new, fun recipes to experiment with?

Tequila Mockingbird runs through a variety of delicious literary-themed cocktails in a cute coffee table book, a perfect gift for Gemini party-lovers known for trying their hand at some spontaneous bartending. 


13. Lisa Angel personalised tarot card necklace 

RRP: $33.50/£25

If your Zodiac-intrigued friend or family member have already got a tarot card pack of their own, these stunning necklaces are a great gift idea!

With gold and silver options, a choice from five different cards—the sun, the moon, the world, fortune and the star—and the chance to engrave your own special message on the back, this is a super thoughtful gift to show your favorite Gemini how much you care. 


14. Gemini: Harness the Power of the Zodiac By Stella Andromeda 

RRP: $11.99/£8.99 

In this aesthetically pleasing self-care book perfect for prime place on a coffee table, Stella Andromeda helps readers delve into the intricacies of birth charts.

With guidance on answering questions like what job you’re best suited to and the personality type you could fall in love with, this is a great gift for Gemini friends who might be a little indecisive when it comes to their life decisions and need a little nudge towards making the most of their sign’s power. 


15. Orelia Statement pearl bow earrings

RRP: $39/£30

If there’s one thing your average Gemini will love, it’s a pair of bold statement earrings—and these pearl bows from one of the best affordable jewelry brands, Orelia, definitely fit the bill. Plus, they're making an effort to become one of the best sustainable jewelry brands—perfect for your eco-friendly friends.

With a lightweight brass base and pretty faux pearls, this accessory is sure to be a staple of their next party outfit—and will definitely get them some sought after compliments. Buying gifts for Gemini signs doesn't have to mean practical!


16. Personalized leather sunglasses case

RRP: $49.62/£35

Born between May 22 and June 22, this star sign is lucky to enjoy a birthday that falls just before the warmest months roll around.

No doubt they’ll have a timetable filling up with plans in the sun, so help them keep a handle on their summer accessories with this personalized leather sunglasses case.

These come in a selection of bright and happy colors, and are lovingly handmade to order for a bespoke gift for Geminis looking forward to donning their best summer dresses.


17. Tarot cards

RRP from: $18.99/£16

If you’re looking for helpful gifts for a Gemini interested in learning more about the mystical world of astrology, gifting them their first pack of tarot cards shows you’ve been listening.

Tarot card decks come in all kinds of styles and aesthetics, so show how well you know your pal by picking an art style you know they’ll love, and hope that when they learn how to use the tarot cards to read your future, it’ll be a positive experience!


18. Make Your Own Chilli Sauces Of The World Giftbox

RRP: $34.86/£29.95

For the most adventurous Gemini in your life, here’s a gift that will spice up their day—literally. This make your own kit gives them the herb and spice mixes they need to create their own chilli sauce, with just a handful of basic ingredients to add to each.

The variety of sauces hidden behind different windows on a world map keeps the kit fresh and interesting, expanding the taste buds of your pal whether they're cooking up healthy food for skin, or indulgent comfort food.


19. Slip Gemini Zodiac Sleep Mask

RRP: $50/£50

Chaotic Geminis can be bad at switching off—so buying them a gift that encourages them to get some rest can be a brilliant idea. And who wouldn't want to drift off into a deep slumber with the Slip Silk Gemini eye mask? 

Made with the highest grade long fiber mulberry silk, it's gentle on the delicate eye area; and we love the fun 'Gemini' motif on the front, with matching stars and constellation designs.


20. RedLetterDays Adventure Experience

RRP: From £29.99 (UK only)

Sometimes, the gift of an experience is preferred to a material gift—and that may very well be the case with Geminis who are always raring to go and have a new experience.

And there are a huge wealth of options at RedLetterDays; choose from theme park tickets, to an O2 climb, a Crystal Maze Live experience, a segway adventure or an indoor skydiving experience! 

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