19 gifts for Virgos that the thoughtful and organized sign will love all year round

Thoughtfully tailored treats that make great gifts for Virgos, from practical organization purchases to cozy self-care treats

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The best gifts for Virgos will tap into both their organized and thoughtful sides—after all, if they’re not sending around a detailed itinerary of your girls’ holiday, then they’re throwing extra snacks into their bag ready for when you get peckish, and making sure they’ve always got time to lend a listening ear to your latest drama.

Noush Joon, astrologer at astrology website Girl and her Moon, says that while Virgos are “detail-orinatated”, they’re also “caring and nurturing and like to give back and help others as much as they can.” In light of that, gifts for Virgos don't necessarily have to tap into their love for organization, and could instead help them make the most of their valuable alone time or provide them with ways in which to give back. So while you could go for one of the best astrology gifts for staying on top of things—like one of our best planners, or a stationery set—it could also be a good idea to opt for something to bring them some self-care too.

The Virgo balance of productivity and thoughtfulness means that you have lot of gifting options choose from, whether you go for the best wellness gifts or something they can use in a more practical way. Whether you're shopping for a Christmas gift or a birthday present, get ready for Virgo season with these 20 great gifts for Virgos to show them you care all year round.

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Meet the expert on gifts for Virgo

Best gifts for Virgos


1. Papier Daily Planner in Constellation 

RRP: $32/£25

These personalized Papier daily journals are the ideal gift for Virgos who plan every facet of their life, pastel highlighters in hand. Between pages dedicated to jotting down daily and weekly plans, spreads perfect for tracking goals and even a section to get meal ideas down, this notebook covers pretty much everything you could want to plan for—with plenty of space for to-do lists, naturally. Plus it’s undated, so unlike similar mid-year and academic planners, you can gift this all year round.


2. Grow Your Own Birth Flower

RRP: $18.36/£12.95

If there’s anything a Virgo loves more than being organized, it’s their best low-maintenance indoor plant babies—keeping a little snippet of nature alive and well requires someone with their life together, after all.  This gift is extra personal as you can choose from the range of birth flowers—poppies for August or asters for September. Choose this for a present that will grow alongside your friendship—you can use that cute sentiment in the gift note, too, if you like.


3. Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr. Julie Smith

RRP: $27.99/£16.99

One of the most reflective signs, and one of the Zodiac signs that are most keen to learn new things, your Virgo loved one will likely love diving into this intriguing read from a clinical psychologist all about improving your mental health, and the way in which you face the everyday challenges of life.

Consider this a toolkit for navigating some of the trickiest parts of being a human—such as coping with depressing, learning self-confidence, and learning how to finally forgive yourself. It's a must-read for anyone focused on building their mental fortitude. 


4. STABILO Pastel Highlighter Set

RRP from: $12.99/£9.99

It's no secret that Virgos love a colour-coordinated plan, and there's no better accessory to help them do that than an aesthetically pleasing pastel highlighter set. The best thing about these pretty shades is that they're light enough for text and notes to be clear underneath, ideal as a gift for Virgos who love making their bullet lists or journaling for stress look like a work of art. You could also list down some guided journaling ideas for them to help them started with journaling for beginners.


5. Virgo Zodiac Pendant Necklace

RRP: $159/£99

Gifts for Virgos don't come much prettier! For those who deserve some extra appreciation, this stunning gold Zodiac necklace is a huge jewelry trend right now and is sure to make them smile. From one of our best affordable jewelry brands, this piece features gold plating, a delicately stamped constellation and green cubic zirconias to symbolise their Earth element—and to make it extra special, you can engrave a message or initials on the back. Plus, the jewelry is made from environmentally conscious recycled sterling silver, making this one of the best sustainable jewelry brands to choose from.


6. Amazon Kindle 

RRP: $89.99/£69.99

According to astrology expert Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology.com, Virgos are "usually a well-read sign" and so will appreciate "the next book in the series." To go above and beyond just one book, the Kindle is a great gift for Virgos who are always buried in a story. A tried and trusted e-reader, gift them the convenience of finding millions of books in one handy portable device.


7. WWF Adopt an Animal subscription

RRP: From £3 monthly

Virgos tend to be naturally empathetic with the world around them, so giving them something that allows them to 'give back' in a sense is always a brilliant idea. And gifts for Virgos don't come much more sentimental than this.

That's why your Virgo loved one will likely love an 'Adopt an Animal' WWF subscription, where you can pay to adopt a certain animal—be it an elephant, penguin, snow leopard or red panda—in order to help ensure the continued conservation of that animal. Donation amounts obviously vary depending on what you're happy to pay, but in the US, you'll also receive a few extra gifts (such as a cuddly toy, or a calendar), as well as a certificate to signify the 'adoption'.


8. Our Place Always Pan

RRP: $124/£125

Virgos love homeware that is both pretty and practical, and love to do away with clutter in their space. So this multi-functional (and bestselling) pan from Our Place is guaranteed to be a winner. 

Not only is it pretty (it comes in a huge range of colors), in a ceramic and aluminium design, but it's also hugely practical in that it'll help you to cook your food via a wide range of methods. Fry, saute, or boil in the pan itself, and use the steamer basket to steam veg or dumplings. It also comes with its very own beechwood spatula, and a handy integrated spoon rest, so there's no need to dirty your counter—something Virgos will love.


9. Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes

RRP: $49/£36

This nude palette has some stunning and versatile pink, gold and brown shades perfect as a gift for Virgos who prefer a more understated look for their eye makeup. With glittery shades to glam up for the evening and matte colours for the everyday look, this is one of the best eyeshadow palettes to suits pretty much everyone.


10. Print Works Good Times coffee table photo album 

RRP: $45/£45

Virgos may be practical, but they're also sensitive and sentimental souls who love hard. So its likely that the Virgo in your life will really appreciate this coffee table photo album, which has 30 pages worth of space, and will allow them to peruse their very best memories with their loved ones in an instant.

Measuring in at 31.5cm x 26cm it's perfectly sized for display, and your Virgo sign will love how simple and minimalistic it is design wise.


11. Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

RRP: $80/£85

The cute Kanken backpack is the perfect gift for Virgos who always seem to have exactly when you need when you're out and about—with ample space for snacks, essentials and even their best reusable water bottle, this is sure to become your favourite Virgos go-to bag for daytime adventures.


12. BEIS The Weekender Bag

RRP: $98/£89

Virgos aren't typically the most passionate about travelling, but when they do take a trip, they like it to be well-planned, organized and simple. And this BEIS Weekender bag should help them achieve just that!

Not only is it super chic, but it's also got plenty of hidden compartments for grade A levels of packing organization. The bottom compartment is separate to allow them to store any essential they want kept away from their clothes (like toiletries and/or shoes), and there are plenty of pockets inside to store all/any travel documents or day-to-day essentials. 


13. Kintsugi Kit Diy Beginners Craft Kit

RRP: $28.28/£22

Our expert Noush reckons this sign loves "breaking things down and creating order out of chaos"—and this gift takes that trait literally. A beginner's guide to the Japanese art of Kintsugi—or 'golden repair'—this craft kit is centred around repairing broken things to make them beautiful again. This is a great gift for Virgos who love learning something new and is a perfect hobby to spend some relaxing self-care time focusing on while listening to their best meditation app in the background.


14. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

RRP: $30/£22

The organized side of your Virgo pals means they're always prepared for any situation. Whether you need emergency wipes, an extra hair grip or a quick charge for your dying phone, they've got you covered. This luxurious scented hand cream is a useful addition to their bag but also gives your Virgo friend an opportunity to look after themselves too with the nourishing shea butter infusion.


15. Virgo: Harness the Power of the Zodiac by Stella Andromeda

RRP: $11.99/£8.99 

This handbook is all your favorite Virgo needs to make the most of the specific details of their Earth sign Zodiac. Whether they want advice on their career, relationship or how to plan for the future, this book has the tools they'll need.


16. The White Company Unisex Hydrocotton Hooded Ribbed Robe

RRP: $125/£85

Virgo signs love nothing more than cozying up at home, so a high quality robe is one of the best things you can get this homebody sign. And we love this pick from The White Company. Virgos are also said to love textures and fabrics as an Earth sign, so they'll likely love its hydrocotton, ribbed material, and how warm it'll keep them during cold winter nights. Plus, it's a unisex item so you can pick this up whether you're buying for a male or female Virgo!


17. PD Paola Virgo Gemstones Drop Earrings

RRP: $56/£56

Virgos might not always love a statement jewellery look, but they'll still appreciate a subtle sparkle—and that's exactly what these earrings deliver. With a mixture of gemstones including rose quartz and white zirconia arranged in the constellation of the Virgo stars, these 18ct yellow gold-plated sterling silver earrings are the perfect gift for Virgos who love an understated but pretty accessory and will go perfectly with their best huggie earrings.


18. grüum Salt and Soak Gift Set

RRP: $34.50/£25 (UK only)

When it comes to self-care, Virgos are the best—and there's nothing they love more than a luxurious soak. Help improve their bathing game with this selection of best bubble bath products. With mini fizzers, vanilla scented soaks and a salt mix that is great for skin, this gift set will makes for one incredible bath perfect to combat even the busiest Virgo's schedule.


19. Damselfly Virgo Scented Candle

RRP: £32 (UK only currently)

Gifting them one of the best scented candles will let your friend know that you care about their wellbeing, nudging them towards making time for some self-care. With their August-September birth month, you can still get away with giving a beautiful summer candle scent, so the calming scents of white jasmine, amber, fresh fig and a hint of lemon in this candle would make the perfect gift for Virgos who need a reminder to take a break. Adorned with a delicate illustration, the candle even features a dreamy poem inspired by the best Virgo traits that they can read as they relax, to remind them of all the reasons why you love them.

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